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Cat Sneezing

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My kitten Sushi is been sneezing lately, it sounds more like a squirter toy. There is no runny nose or eyes. Should I be worried. She goes back to the vet for her second distemper shot and rabies at the end of the month. She still actting like a normal kitten, nothing out orginary.

Or might she have an allergie to something in my house causing her to sneeze?
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It may be house dust. My cat sneezes when the place needs a vacuum. Use one with a HEPA filter to remove dust.

I am told there is also a lot of ragweed and pollen about.
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yeah there is a lot of pollen and ragweed because my allergies are killer right now.

Thanks for answering. I guess I got a kitten thats just like her mommy, allergie prone.
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HEPA vacuums will be good for you as well as for the cat.

I've just gotten my second Blueair filter. One's in the studio (a very dusty room) and one's in the bedroom. I'll see if that affects me and Gizmo. Gizzy's coughing and wheezing fits decreased dramatically when the first filter went on a month ago; this one may eliminate the problem. It convinced me anyway.
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yeah i have a air purifer for me and it helps a ton with the cat hair. But we're gonna end up taking her to the vet, because my bf said that she sounds like she's wheezing when she breaths. Also today I noticed that one of her eyes are watering. So we rather find out if something is wrong or what. Just on the caution side of things.
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I asked my vet about the same thing, and she said that kittens sometimes sneeze from viruses, similar to a human cold. You need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they're still eating and acting normally, and because if they get any signs of mucous then it's actually a bacterial infection and they need to come in ASAP. But they can't treat viruses.

Although it's never a bad idea to try to reduce allergens too.
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My vet said it is likely to be allergens if the kittens / cats are eating, playing and pooping as normal. My two kittens both kept sneezing when I got them. It seemed allergens was likely as they both were sneezing but came from different litters... so I got a dyson HEPA vacuum and we used it yesterday... it was so embarassing to see how much dust it sucked up, no wonder they were sneezing.... But seeing as you have a vet trip anyway it won't hurt to ask your vet and double check...
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I'm using a MIELE Hepa vacuum. It's a well designed, small, quiet and very efficient dust and pollen remover. The second Blueair filter was turned on yesterday along with the vaporizer (even with the rain, this apartment is bone dry and both of us have nose problems as a result.)

Gizmo's still got the strange little patch on her head which may or may not be ringworm. The doctor took a culture to be sure. The topical medicine is ensuring that it at least is not spreading. (and the dr. asked if I had it! and thankfully, I don't.)

anyway the kittens sound as if they are allergic; and since they are into everything and close to the floor, they will suffer if the dust is there. Fortunately the new vacuums are also excellent at removing the shed cat hair!
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thanks guys for your advice. Since my allergies are actting up and if they have allergies too, than Sushi's is probably too. Ugh my allergies are really bad this week, and I am getting over broncittus too which sucks.

So far Sushi is doing fine, just picking about what she eats. Meaning she likes one flavor of soft food over another. She's still actting like a normal cat, running around till she wears herself out, chasing Cuddles, and playing tag with cuddles. So far it might just be allergies.

We'll find out next week when she goes in for her next distemper shot and rabies.
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You will find that the vacuum vastly improves your own breathing. I certainly did. It's worth the initial expense. I like the Miele since it is very well made. My parents have owned a high end model for ten years. Dad suffers terribly from allergies and swears by it.
I changed the bag in mine yesterday and was pretty amazed by the quantity of dust and hair that it contained after having had its bag changed only two weeks before.
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Well we found the reason for the sneezing. I feel like an idoit. I use body powder and when i use it, it falls on the floor. The little guys would either walk in it or decide to roll in it. So when they cleaned their selves it would get into my babies noses, and the sneezing would start. The only way we found this out and some how my bf ended up sniffing it and started sneezing and from there it connected.

Since the powder that has fallen on the floor has been cleaned up, there has been no more sneezing. All is once again a non-sneeze house.
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