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little stray

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There are two stray cats at the nursing home. We are not allowed to feed them but the residents take them a bit of food and so does our maintance guy. Well last night I was taking my residents out to smoke and the cat meowed at me and I talked to him and he came up to me and rubbed up against my legs and I petted him. And his coat is so dry its just awful. And he is very thin. I am afraid to call the shelter cause this is my job. And cause its kitten season and they would just put him to sleep. I asked my dad if I could try and catch him and bring him home after taking to the vet. And he said no that there I didn't need but my one cat. He loves her but he thinks a second kitty would ruin her. I just feel so bad for this kitty. He isn't very old I don't think. I just wish dad would let me bring him home. I know if he will let me pet him and being outside like that I could tame him down. Only trouble is there are no doors in the house to seperate him from my dog or Tavia while he was adjusting. I just don't know what to do for him. I am not even allowed to give him part of my lunch at work. They list it as grounds for termination. Because they say it will attract other things like possums and such. I just feel helpless and he is so pretty. He is a smokey grey and he has white on his chin and belly.
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i think u should make an appt. with the vet and go then bring him home i didnt think princess would do well with another cat either but now i her and prince are best friends!!!
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I live with my dad so I can't bring him home. And he has a another cat there that is I guess his family or whatever you want to call it and if I caught him I would try and catch the other one too. I just know this one let me pet him. I just wish dad would let me rescue this kitty. I keep thinking about all the kitties that get hit by cars around there. And I know dad means well but shoot if he can keep my sisters dog for a year and she doesn't even live here why can't he let me rescue this little cat.
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He sounds l like a beautiful boy. Let's move your little stray to our Strays and Ferals Forum.
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I hope that he stays close to the nursing home they have a privacy fence so he can get away from dogs. I just wish dad would let me bring him home but he thinks another cat would cause Tavia to have bad habits like getting on the stove.
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How would a new cat cause your cat to jump on the stove? That doesn't even make any sense. Have you asked your dad if you could just try it out and if he has any problems you will rehome them? Or ask if you can bring the kittens home with the intent of rehoming them? Just sit down with your dad and say something like "look, I know I don't need to be but I am concerned for these kittens, they are living on their own but they are super friendly. I really want to help them, can I at least take them in to rehome them? And see what he says.

Also are there not any no-kill shelters in your area at all? There's gotta be one even if it is a bit of a drive. And you live on a farm, could you at least have them as barn cats or something? I know that isn't an ideal situation but if they are altered and vaccinated then at least you don%2
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I dion't know what happened to the end of my sentence there but I am unable to edit it for some reason... I was just saying

at least you don't live in the middle of a city or something.
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Well I have tried to talk with dad and he is about as stubborn as a grizzley and we are in a small area the only option is the humanes society. And my dad's dog would kill them she's outside safely away from my cat. So the only option is to have them inside.
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Your dad's logic sucks hehe, no offense. I sorry he is so stubborn. What is wrong with the humane society? Are you sure they PTS the animals? Most humane socities only euthanize if the animal is very ill/contagious or injured and suffering.
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I know this one is a high kill shelter. And its alot harder to rehome semi wild cats then kittens. And this particular one is just not managed well. I called them over a neglect case once and they never even checked up on it.
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Try to take a picture of them and start hanging up pictures or post on petfinder.com and craigslist in your area that you have kittens who need homes. Or possibly barn kittens. I thought you said they are coming up to you and rubbing against your legs and stuff and letting you pet them. I wouldn't call that a semi feral cat at all. Ferals won't even let you look at them without bolting, semi0ferals would be ones you can leave food out for and watch from the window and maybe eventually sit outside while it is eating. These kittens are not feral at all.

I would take them to the any no kill shelter near you if they will accept them (most are full) otherwise just advertize that you need homes for them and then work on getting them altered and vaccinated and charge a small adoption fee to cover it. Unless you know the person you adopt them to or can call them to make sure they will alter them.
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