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Tips on drying catnip?

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My catnip plant is growing at an incredible rate, and me and the cats cant keep up with it!! Does anyone know how I can dry the leaves?
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Gather stems into small bunches and tie cut ends together with string or rubber bands.

Hang bunches upside down in a warm, dust-free, well-ventilated area such as an attic or over the water heater.

Take down bunches in two to three weeks - when cat nip is dry and brittle.

Strip leaves from stems.

I would store some of the cat nip in a jar...
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Hmm, not sure i fancy trying to get in teh attic, and dont have a water heater. Will have a think about where I can put it though.
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Is it bad for them to eat it when it's not dry? Sophia loves it she runs out side and goes right to it and then takes some with her in her kittywalk!
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I don't think it's bad for them fresh. My boys love their outdoor plants. They like to shred the leaves and roll on the plants.
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I dont think so, mine eat it fresh quite a lot - it is just that the plant is growing too quickly, so I wanted to dry some cos I am assumign it will die back in teh winter, so they can have it then.
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Pick it early in the monring when the oils in the plant are the strongest.
Do you have a garage that you could hang some in??
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Very interesting, will try it in the morning then.
Sadly no garage!! Not even a back door, so can't expect things like gardens and garages!! Someone on another site recommended putting them in the microwave for 20 seconds (tip from gardener father), and it did sort of work!!
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How about a closet that isn't used much??? And that would have some space. You could tie it to some hangers!!
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The only places I have like that are the wardrobe in the cat room, and not sure if that would drive MArtha bonkers, as she did enjoy her fresh catnip today, or the bathroom cupboard - but nowhere to hang things in the bathroom cupboard.
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I dry mine in the microwave, spread it on a sheet of paper towel cover it with another one and microwave for 5 mins on the defrost setting/
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