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Mother & Son not getting along

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Just as the title says really.
The kitten is about 20 weeks old, and up until a month ago got on really well with his mum, but now Mum seems to hate him.
Everytime he goes near her, she hisses and lashes out.
I feel really sorry for him because he loves a fuss from her.

Mum hardley ever comes in the house anymore unless it's for food or is raining.

Any advise on how we can get them to be friends again.

Oh Mum was spayed 3 months ago, and the kitten will be neutered when he's 6 months
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It's nature - she's telling him it's time he grew up (and away from her), and it happens with all animals (though not necessarily so obviously). There's a time when cats no longer 'recognize' their babies as their own, and just see them as either house mates, friendly or otherwise, or as competition for food and territory, or as threats in some way. If they continue to live in the same house for years, they may eventually achieve neutrality, maybe even some kind of friendship, but he's going to want to dominate over time, and she'll want him to get lost a lot, especially if they continue to go outside and bring home strange smells (including themselves).
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As LArke says, it is nature. IT is not normal for mother and son to stay together. Hopefully neutering will calm things down slightly, or that they will figure out a happy medium between themselves.
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Mum is just saying "You're on your own. Grow up already!" Once he gets it, they'll probably be friends again.
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I've had that happen when I've kept a kitten from one of the litters. The parent wants the kitten to be on his/her own and doesn't want them around.

After he's neutered (why wait? - he can be done now) she should accept him better - at 20 weeks, he's on his way to maturity and that may be triggering the response from mom too.
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I have a mom cat who had 3 boys and 1 girl (they are in my siggy) and she grooms and loves on each of her boys. I think it has to do with different smells from being outside and her son not being neutered.
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Thanks for the replies, I'm glad it seems to be normal behaviour rather than something wrong. think I'll call the vet this week to get his op sorted.

I must say, that since this has happened, the kitten seems to be really affectionate with us, so our gain really
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