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How to Adopt out A Once-Feral Kitten???

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The four original feral kittens found nearby are all living in my house. I have adopted two of them but two remain in the foster kitten room.

I think they're ready to be neutered and adopted now but I was hoping I could get some advice from people who understand the feral KITTENS stuff.

They really were wild kittens for quite a long time. But they're finally alert for friendliness, outgoing even, confident around people and noise, can be handled, even playfully. I clipped their claws today without a problem. They look like completely different little animals.

But, will they always have certain traits people should know about? They were quite young when captured.

Do you think I need to amend my adoption contract in any way for these two? Is there anything special I should require from prospective owners?

My contract basically says, feed and water, do not strike or harm, consider softclaws before declawing, ensure the vaccinations are current and provide vet care when needed, keep indoors until at least six months of age, and what to do if need to relinquish (contact me).

Thank the kitten angels for the success thus far of Shadow and Streak.
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It appears that the kittens are doing quite well. They are friendly and can be handled without any problems. They will do just fine. I rescued a kitten who was like a wildcat and terrified of everything and everyone. She is now the sweetest and most loving little cat. They are beautiful kittens and I doubt you will have any problems finding homes for them.
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In my (limited) experience, our two fosters who were born feral (one adopted by us, the other adopted out) were fine. They are quirky in ways that I've never seen other cats be (Slayer still perfers to climb on you than to be carried) but not so much that you'd think anything of it.

If you like, do mention that they were born feral, and may always be a bit more cautious around people than cats born around humans. There's no harm in that, it warns people that they might be quirky without overstating the matter, causing people to worry if they carry some sort of atavistic risk.
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Okay great, I'm feeling better about this already. I mean, they still run away when you try to pick them up but they do let you pick them up.

Will they be more likely to run away, is one of the things I was wondering.

Well then it's time!!
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