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Cat With Worms

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I have a kitty Tiger, who is about 1 1/2 years. We had noticed at the beginning of the week that there was a small drop of blood in his poop. I called the vet and they told us to pick up some pills and to give him 1 tonight and 1 in 2 weeks. I was just wondering how long does it take after the 1st pill to know that they are gone. I am so grossed out by the thought of this in our apartment and want to clean the floors and scrub everything, but I don't want to waste my time until I know they are gone. He pooped about an hour after taking the 1st pill and there were def worms. My boyfriend said he wasn't sure if they were moving or not. Also what's the best way to clean the floors carpet/vinyl? I read somewhere that the worms can come out of their butt and drop off in the floor and that they can live in the carpet for up to 15 months. Is this true? I hate worms they freak me out so that's part of the reason I just want to scrub everything. Please anything will help! Thanks in advance
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Well it varies depending on what kind of worms and it also depends on the meds and the cat's body's ability to get rid of the worms from the meds. So, definately give him both doses and if you are still unsure take a fecal sample into the vet, that is the only way to know for sure.
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First of all calm down a bit and breathe. They are probably roundworms. Use gloves to clean the litter pans (you should be doing that already) Use hot water and bleach to scrub the pans out. Sweep up any loose litter, wash your hands thoroughly and you should be fine. If they were given meds from the vets, then the worms are in the process of dying. If they are long skinny worms that look like thin spaghetti, they are roundworms. If they look like grains of rice, they are tapeworms. If there are hooks on the end, then they are hookworms. Worms are common in cats found outdoors, cats that are not flea-treated regularly or cats that are allowed outside to hunt.
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Hi my kitten just got rid of his roundworms. I cleaned and mopped the floors. I never thought about them coming back. Can someone give us tips on how to keep them from returning?
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Can someone give us tips on how to keep them from returning?
Keep the cats flea treated.
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