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Really scared. Don't know what to do!

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I have a stray cat that came to us three weeks ago. She came to me and my bf like she knew us all her life. Well for the past 4 days I've been worried about something. Bare with me because this might take some time to read. Well start at the beginning. When we brought her into our home, she was hyper and always active. She didn't like to stay in my room because she loved to be in the living room on top of the fan sleeping and she ate like a piggy. Well what's been going on now, she wants to go into my room and lay on my bed and sleep all day and night. If I didn't pick her up to go and eat, she would sleep every minute she could. Well I put her by the food bowl and she'll eat but only hard cat food. I try and give her soft food with some water but she knows it and won't eat it. She never would drink water. Another thing that has concerned me is that I have noticed she is not active at all anymore. I looked up feline leukemia and parvo that cats can get, but she has none of the symptoms besides lack of water and she does have depression where she's not active. My kitty won't even come to me when I call her anymore Can someone be kind enough to tell me what they think on this? All answers will be appreciated.

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Well, first of all, is she a kitten? Sometimes kittens will eat and eat, and then sleep and sleep. But it's probably time to take her to the vet anyway. She needs a check up at the very least.

Some cats just really don't like wet food. And I would be willing to bet she drinks out of the sink, tub, toilet, or something while you are sleeping. But to make sure she isn't dehydrated, you can pinch her skin above her shoulder blades and if it doesn't snap back down, she's dehydrated. Hope that helps some.
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Please get her to see a vet. Have her tested and checked out and you might as well have her vaccinated and set up a spay appointment if that isn't done already. It sounds like she may be getting dehydrated.
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Boots does not eat wet food either. I've tried tons of stuff, and nothing seems to be to his liking, so he just gets dry. I do think a vet check up is in order to make sure she is ok.
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If it's a stray you're taking in, you really need to go to a vet for a check up to make sure she doesn't have any diseases or other problems, and you also need to check for a microchip. She may actually belong to someone!
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Thanks for all your replies! Yes she is a kitten... I pinched her skin and it did go back down once I let go, so I guess she isn't dehydrated... Today she seems to be feeling somewhat better... She ain't sleeping all day anyway. I think I'm still going to get her an appointment with the vet soon just in case. I've checked when she came to us if she's anyone else's.. She came from a house and I did find the owner but I wasn't about to go there because they abuse animals. I also reported it, and I had permission to keep her Just hoping she'll feel better soon and go back to normal.... Again, thanks for your replies
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