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Kricket got spayed

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Kricket got spayed on Thursday and I felt sooooo bad. I had to drop her off in the morning and pick her up the next morning at the spay clinic where I've gotten all my animals spayed or neutered. Its cheap but I am not a huge fan of the fact that they dont send home any antibiotics or pain meds. First I was miserable since I had to go a whole day without my little munchin (we are really attached to each other since shes my bottle baby) and then i picked her up today. The tech carried her out to me and she was crying and trying to bite the tech. I knew just from that, that she was in a lot of pain. I went into work at the vets office and talked to one of my doctors and they were more than happy to give me some pain meds for her. So Kricket is now pain free and resting happily with me even though shes still slightly madd at me. Does/Has anybody else used a spay clinic where they dont send home with any antibiotics or pain meds or is this just an unusual place? The doctors awesome I just dont understand why they dont do that.
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I've mostly had male cats, and they don't send pain meds when you get them neutered. I've only had mine done at a regular Veteranary office, not a spay clinic. The couple of female cats I've had were spayed and sent home with no pain meds, either.
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No painkillers or antibiotics after a major surgery doesn't seem natural to me.... Of course, its been a long time since I had a female cat. I know Chay didn't have any painkillers when I brought him home from his neutering. At least you got her some afterwards. She'll forgive you soon though, and of course getting her spayed was for her own health.
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yea, i felt bad also, since my kitty did not seem to like anyone but me. She was crying the whole way there.

when i went back to the vet to get her has soon as i asked the lady at the desk i could hear my kitty start to cry in the back the women at the desk smiled and siad, i guess she knows who her owner is.

but no, they did not give me any pain meds, and she did not seem to be in any or that much when she got home, she wanted to start playing after a few hours had to lock her in the bedroom to stop her from running.
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I know for sure that Elsa didn't get pain meds, but I honestly can't remember about the antibiotics. Maybe they don't want to dull the pain too much so you can tell if something is wrong, and also I think pain meds can upset their tummy.
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They don't need it - the surgery sounds major, but it really isn't that bad. It's a small incision, the use a (correct me if I'm wrong here vets) hooky type thing to pull the ovaries out, snip snip, and stitch them up. The boys is even easier.

I volunteered in a spay and neuter clinic, and people would drop their pets off in the morning, and come get them the same afternoon. If the people were late, the cats were usually hanging to come home, and seemingly in no pain or anything. Most kittens if they were part of a litter, would be playing within hours of waking up. Certainly when I got Stumpy after her surgery (same afternoon), my biggest trouble was keeping her quiet!

The operation is minor and in a sterile environment - I haven't heard of any cats getting infections from a spay/neuter.

She was probably just crying because she wasn't happy about spending 24 hours at the vets!
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i work in a vets office and every animal that gets spayed/neutered we send home with antibiotics and pain meds to use for the first 2-4 days. I unfortunately refuse to pay $500-600 to have her spayed at my office, so its why i took her to the spay clinic.

sarahp ~ you were correct they use an instrument called a spay hook and yes males are neutered in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Kricket was crying out of pain, still today if i even touch near the spay incision she tries to bite me which means shes still in some pain. Good news she is no longer mad at me, we made up last nite She layed down with me last nite, purred up a storm, and gave me my nightly kisses/face cleaning. Shes sleeping/purring up a storm right now since I have given her the buprenex(great stuff 1 IU every 6 hrs)
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in the UK cats aren't sent home with anything other than an e collar after a spay, although they may be given a long lasting shot before leaving, but it is a while since I got a cat spayed.
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