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Can we really train our feline kids to poop in the toilet bowl?

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I found this video from Internet saying that it's dvd can help us train our cat.

Is this for real? Anybody already seen the dvd, review please?
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SOme can ... I wanted to 18 yrs ago but am so glad I didnt ... see if kitty pottys in the toliet ( which is a un natural kitty position) you dont see changes in bowl or bladder movements ... I am sure I would have lost Kandie had I not seen her bladder movements increase ...
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My vet (a good one) warned me to neverhave the cat trained to go in the toilet bowl.

It's very stressful for them; they are put into an unnatural position.

And think what would happen if you went away for a few days; or if they had to go into the hospital for an operation. Hospital staff will not take the cat to the toilet and chances are the cat would not use the strange commode anyway.

I was very impressed with the vets' warning since I had been considering getting one of these for Gizmo. She's still happily using her litterbox and will continue to do so. As long as you scoop it and change it regularly the modern litters make it a much easier task than it was years ago.
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I don't think I like the idea of coming home to a toilet full of kitty pee and poop! Unless I could train them to flush also (but then you'd have no idea of their toilet habits so could miss out on signs of illness). I'll stick to the litter tray!
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auw what a shame those poor kitties

it's all very well saving money on cat litter...but really

Can we also teach them to flush after themselves?!?!
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I know there is one on the board that is working on it and having success, but my concern too is "what if you move or the cat has to be boarded or taken to a place with no toilet access?". IMO the cat will not go or if it does, you won't get it to use the toilet again.

Say you are taking your cat on vacation. You stop at a hotel overnite. Chances are that the cat will NOT use the hotel toliet at all and then you are in trouble. I think its better to stick with the litter pan and get good litter and clean the pan every day (scoop). Its part of owing a cat.

Would you get a dog and try to train it to pee/poop in the toliet? NO, cause you take the dog outside to go. Cats are the same way - they are programed to bury their waste. Even cats that don't always do that, its inbred to do it and they will at times. Teaching them to use a toliet takes away that inbred part of them. I cannot see the cat to continue using a toilet its entire life.

And IMO the majority of cats will not be trainable.
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Precisely, and the vet pointed out to me the problem they had balancing and that there was danger as the cat aged of their 'falling in'.

This is a convenience that really isn't.
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Although the novelty of it would be cool, I really wouldn't do it if it's at all bad for the cat.
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I've personally known a few people who actually did it, and witnessed the cats using the toilet. The cats were fine, they had their own bathroom. They do, in fact, recognize other toilets as being toilets, just like they would recognize another litterbox. Also, they still know what to do with a litterbox, if they're boarded they'll just use that like any other cat, and usually go right back to using the toilet. Obviously if a particular cat begins to age, and have trouble with it, they'll need a box again... why do people seem to believe that you can't go back? We didn't have to train them to use the litterbox, why would we have to retrain them to use a litterbox if they could no longer use the toilet?

It seems like a case of people disliking an unknown to me. I don't mind the litterpan, and I don't think that I have the patience to train her, nor do I think Zissou is the sort who would like it, but if someone does it and is successful why knock them?

It's not bad for them in general, but you know your cat, your house, and your lifestyle the best. Don't do it for "novelty" of course. It takes some serious work and patience. And it's not right for every cat.

I'd be interested to talk to the vet who warned against it. I would agree that geriatric cats should not be doing it, as they have enough problems with a litterpan.

But cats can balance just fine. Geez, Zissou sits on the toilet rim while I'm in the shower. And she's never fallen in, if she did she would simply get wet. I don't know how much water your vet has in her toilet, maybe a cat could actually drown in some, but not any of the ones I've ever had.
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I agree with my vet that the cat would simply be stressed by being forced to 'go' in a new way. It's not that much trouble cleaning a litterbox if you do it right and have a decent litter.
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I'd be more concerned if you are training your cat to use the toilet and the cat has never been trained to use the pan. IMO given the choice, I think cats would use a pan over the toilet. What happens to the cats that are not pan trained if they are boarded?

And what happens if you have to take your cat to another place (like a friend's house) when you go on vacation. Do you think the friend is gonna be ok with the cat using their toilet?
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the only reason i see not to do it is the health one - not being able to monitor their bathroom habits. i always make a mental note of what's going on with Wonton's box, so if something changes, i'll know to get him to the vet. i'd hate to think he was having issues and i didnt notice cos he was going in the bowl. other than that tho, i agree with Zissou's mom - the other reasons given to not do it don't really seem valid to me. just my personal opinion
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I'm currently in the process of training my cat to use the toilet with the citikitty toilet training potty, and so far I’m having no problems. My 2 cats are both just under 2 years and have both been litter trained.. I moved from a spacious apartment in the suburbs, to a small city apartment with no room for a standard sized litter box in the bathroom. One of my cats was acting alittle aloof with my boyfriend for a few days, but no major stress for either kitty.
I've read that a cats natural inclination is to bury her/his stool in sand or dirt, so even if their toilet trained, if they see a litter box (or perhaps a potted plant) so if they were forced into a situation where the litter box was their only option I don't think it will be a problem.
As far as detecting medical issues go...they are young, indoor, cats, whom I take to the vet three times a year for checkups, and countless times because they "looked queasy", between my neuroses and the vets medical expertise, I think my babies will be fine.
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I have one cat that uses the toilet. I certainly never trained him to do it. The funny thing was in the begining it always seemed to happen when my niece stayed with me on weekends. I kept thinking it was her not flushing. Then one day I'm sitting at my computer and hear what sounds like someone peeing in the bathroom and there sits Spike perched on the toilet taking a leak. I still see him use the litter box some but mostly he uses the commode. Can't say I'm crazy about it but I hate to close the lid if that's where he feels comfortable going.
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i agree with zissou and i also think it would be much easier to monitor your cats toilet habits if they went in an actual toilet. i dont know if i would be able to tell if there was blood in my cats stool with it being caked in litter (all i can see is the litter). in the toilet you can plainly see it before you flush it. ive alos seen cats use a toilet and they dont look uncomfortable at all.
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