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guess what dad found in his bed

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My Tavia killed a mouse and then the dogs had it in dad's bed he found it as he was climbing into bed. Good thing it was him and not me I would have been screaming. She had been trying to hunt that mouse up for some time but it kept getting in the wall and she couldn't get to it. She would sit and paw at the wall and meow at it. And she finally got it.
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she gave him a gift!
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well the dog was the one who had it in the bed they are bad about stealing them from her. she should charge them catnip since she does all the work.
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maybe they barder. like in the olden days hahaha
ya know..this for that kinda thing.
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At least it was dead. Mom's favorite cat, Gulliver (blue longhair), dropped a live baby mouse on her chest as she was trying to get over a bad arthritis attack. I heard her yell for me, followed by "good boy", and found her backing up the headboard! I admit laughing, but then looked over at Dad - who had his head under the covers and snickering.
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My mom had a tomcat that dropped a live snake in her lap one time. Good thing mom isn't affraid of snakes.
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Tavia the ace hunter!
My gang drop their dead and live trophies on my feet (if I am standing), on my lap (if I am seated) and on my chest (if I'm laying down).
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Yuck, Iw ould probably freak out.
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Poor mouse! lol...don't feel to bad though....when Velvet was a kitten, i had several gerbils. Velvet went so far as to literally break the top of the cage, jump in, and visiciously kill one! She decapitated him! It was aweful! I was 11 at the time and went into my room to find blood everywhere...my bed, the gerbil cage, the carpet, and a 1/2 eaten gerbil! It was horrible! I screamed bloody murder till my mom came running into the room. We later put the gerbils in a seperate room with a different cage and Velvet never did it again thankfully. RIP Snickers!!!.
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I would have died!! I would definately make my boyfriend take the mouse to the trash and go on a cleaning frensy. I would hot wash the sheets several times!! I don't like rodents!
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