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Cat Harness Q

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific cat harness that seems next to impossible to find for purchase online... eesh!

I'm looking for the type that features the harness part as detachable (just clips on and off), so that the collar can stay on the cat during times of not being outside. It has the HARNESS part detachable, not the lead.

A crappy MS drawing to help you understand:

Anyone know where I can buy one online?
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You are looking for an "H" harness and they are readily available online. Don't get the figure '8' models.

And congratulations to you if your cat lets you put it on her/him. Mine won't.
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I'm a wee bit confused. Does the lead attach the collar? I hope not. One of the benefits of the H-style harnesses is that it doesn't pull on their neck.

I don't believe I've ever seen what you're talking about.
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Alright, maybe this'll help. I KNOW these exist, because I've seen 'em before, when I didn't need one, of course.

Does that make more sense? Each of the bands (1 around neck, 1 around body) have a buckle. And there's a buckle that connects the harness bit (1/2 of the "H" shape) to the collar.

Think next week I'll scour the local vets, since the only pet store in town doesn't have what I want.
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The link I sent you has the precise harness, but it does not attach to an existing cat collar. You can have the cat wear both if you loosen the upper buckle (the one that attaches around the neck) sufficiently.

These are simple H harnesses that are available in good cat supply stores. I've not had a problem finding or buying them. The problem is getting Gizmo to wear it. She won't.
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Gizmo, that isn't what she's looking for. She wants one that's convertible, like an extra buckle or something that attaches the collar to the harness, that can be a collar most of the time, and then you attach the rest and it's a harness. It isn't a regular h-harness.

I've wondered numerous times whether these exist. If you find one, let me know how you got it, because I've never seen one either.
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Ahh thank goodness someone understands! Lol I've had such a hard time explaining it online.

I've had a few people tell me that they bought them at PetSmart, but a while ago. PS doesn't have the model available in their online store.

Oh well, my quest continues tomorrow with checking the local vets. Will let you know if I find a brand that carries it!
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