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Are these claims true?

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I found a website that says Eukanuba & Iams are good for cats with crystals. Is that true? The website is one someone else posted.

Also, what do you think of the guidelines in this article?

This website reccomends Life's Abundance.

I asked the vet today about guidelines for Ophelia, she flat out told me she didn't know for sure. Basically, she told me low magnesium. I asked her about Solid GOld's Katz-N-Flocken, and she said OK. She also said that she *thought* Euaknuba would be a good choice. She told me she mostly knows about Rx diets, so she wouldn't be much help. That's what all the other vets said, too.

So, Ophelia will be eating Katz-N-Flocken dry(she will no longer eat the c/d), but I'm still not sure on wet. I'm leainng towards Nutro, and I have to look at the Solid Gold wet food, but what about the Eukanuba? I know the ingredients are an issue, but if htey prevent her crystals from re-forming... I bought Ophelia her very own Drinkwell & she nows dinks a lot & pees a lot, so that helps.

I just found this article on the Iams website. Of course, they are trying to market their product, but...
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You likely know what I will say...

Call Solid Gold they are very helppful and honest ...

I know corn gluten meal is higher in some formula s of foods for the balenceing of the chicken ... but I would trust Solid Gold if they say everything( ph magnesium phoshorus calcium and total ash were in the right amounts)... Otherwise only go with a food that has urinary tract health on the LABEL as that means it has been tested
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All I know is that it is rare to find a vet that has any clue about nutrition and food so I am not suprised your vet said that. I also know that some ingredients in Iams was affecting my Himalayans kidneys.
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I don't believe Iams is much good for anything. It contains a lot of corn products and animal 'byproducts' which include feces, feathers, beaks, and decomposed intestines.
I only purchase good quality cat food for Gizmo and suggest that you read the labels thoroughly. Iams, I'm told, also contains fish oils and while some are good for the cat, a diet high in fish will be more conducive to crystal forming.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
I don't believe Iams is much good for anything.

I did a google search of cat food urinary tract health. I came up with a page that shows cheapest prices on cat foods for urinary tract health. These are a few of the wet foods I came up with.

I was a little surprised to find Friskies making special foods(a little leery of them, too!). There are even several different flavors!
I don't know about the rest of you, but I just don't think Friskies is going to help Ophelia any. Their ingredients in most other canned foods aren't do great, why would these be?
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Almost every maker is on the Urinary band wagon... Pm me and I will give you want I found..lol.. tooo long for here"_
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