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Enclosing a balcony

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I was considering enclosing my balcony so that Reilly would be able to go outside (we live too high up to consider letting him out there right now) has anyone here done it or can give me some suggestions?
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I would use a good sturdy nylon mesh where the cat cannot get any part of his body thru it. You'd have to anchor it down on the patio floor too (under the railing) and figure out how to make it enclosed on top too.

I'd get an already made enclosure that you can sit out on the balcony. It would be a lot easier and safer.
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I live in a second story condo and my cats go out on my balcony. I don't have an enclosure but my cats are adults and have never attempted to jump in the almost 3 years they've been going out there. They have a perch/cat condo out there and love to lay on it in the sun. When they first started going out there, I watched them very closely. After this long, I am confident they aren't going to jump down. Either it's too far or they're too lazy. You're smart though, to try to enclose it. People around here have theirs enclosed for their dogs. They use some kind of plastic looking fencing that looks kind of like a chain link fence (but plastic). I think they get it at home depot. They attach from the floor and the rails.
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I have enclosed my balcony-we live in a 2nd story apartment. I used a product called shade screen that I got at the hardware store. I had my husband staple it up all the way around and we periodically check to make sure there are no holes. It works great as another room outside that we have basically devoted to the cats only-now when we ask them if the want to go outside they get excited and run to the back door! A few others in the complex have used chicken wire to enclose theirs to keep the pigeons out and I suppose that would work to-I just like the shade screen for its dual purpose of providing shade and secrecy since when the sun is shining it is hard to see through.(since we have too many kitties!) SHHHHH! Reily is going to love whatever you do with the balcony!
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Thanks for all the tips...Jeff and I will take a drive down to the Home Depot on the weekend.

We are hoping to complete the enclosure during our week off after the wedding
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When I used to live in an apartment many people converted their balconies by closing them in with wire/mesh. First, it was to keep the pigeons away and so they had more room for their pets.

I'm sure it's easy to find something at Home Depot or RONA. Make sure to check with your landlord first to make sure it won't be a problem.

Here's a website with examples:

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Thanks Kass!!

I found this great company that deals with cat enclosures. Jeff and I are going to check their products out!.

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