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not too worried but it's odd

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Is there a medical reason why an other wise healthy cat would sleep all day long? He has been to the vet for general check ups and has been tested. Only thing odd about him is that his nose and paw pads are kind of dry and cracked. He sleeps all day and so soundly sometimes that I can throw things at him (not at him but I tossed a pad of paper in his direction and tossed a shirt at him and he didn't budge) and he won't wake up unless I touch him. When he is up he comes when I call him so I know he can hear. He plays and is active for the very short amount of time that he is awake. I think he is just a big lazy mellow cat. But I just was curious if anyone has some thoughts.
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Did this kind of sleepiness just start or has it been gradual with age? As cats get up in years they do sleep more, but if you have a relatively young cat that is hard to wake or sleeping more than usual, it's an indication of something wrong. Head injuries, thyroid problems, a virus, could be anything but it would be good to get checked out.
If this is a strictly indoor cat and you have air conditioning, it's unlikely that it's heat related. Take note of his appetite too, is he eating as usual? A visit to the vet to get some tests done on his thyroid or a neurological exam might give you some answers. Good luck to you and your kitty!
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Hey thanks. He is actually a stray I took in about 1.5 months ago. He is inside ever since but his sleepiness has never changed since the day I found him. He has been in and out of air conditioning and it is always the same amount of sleeping. He was skin and bones when I found him and looked like he was just tossed out on his own (in Walmart parking lot and the wodds next to it) and had no idea how to fend for himself. I would think it is instinct for cats but I honestly could not see him lasting a day on his own and I am suprised he made however long he did when he was outside. So my first thought was that he is just happy to not have to worry about fighting for food or worry about preditors around. Maybe that isn't how it works with cats, but I like to think he is happy I saved his little life hehe.

I will think about taking him in next time I am out in the direction of the vets. They have seen him before so I may just ask what they think about the situation and his laziness.
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I'm so happy to read that you rescued the little critter!! Anyway, I would bring him into the vet when you're able, as you said. It's better to be safe than sorry, you know!? But he may just be adjusting to the good life?
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For some reason when I read that I thought "thyroid" - in humans, dry skin and tiredness can mean a low thyroid...

But don't forget that cats sleep something like 18 - 20 hours a day.
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ok I will keep that in mind too. I keep thinking ...oh he's fine, no wait maybe it's this or that and I should be worried, no he's fine... I will try to get him looked at or at least discuss it with a vet before rehoming him.
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likely it is a normal kitty active at night sleeps during day... My 18 yr old is that type of cat .. My younger one I think only sleeps 10 hours a day ...
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Maybe he is older then I think? His teeth are awfully clean but his breath is a bit smelly. I was a whole lot worse but I gave him this goop for oral hygiene and some flavoured greenies and his pbreath is way better. Maybe he is just old and lazy because of that. He sleeps most of the night too but he is definately more active then as opposed to during the day.
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You know nothing about this cats' past and it's notoriously difficult to guess their ages. Did the vets' tests include a fecal float and bloodwork?

His cracked paw pads may signify a vitamin deficiency. What food are you feeding him please?
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He eats Premium Edge and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul. Occationally Merrick or Nutro or Iams wet food.
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The vet would certainly know for sure what is wrong with him. The food choices sound good, at least.
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I think I read somewhere that cats sleep for about 22 hrs in the day - counting up all the cat naps. How old is your cat? Spooky's 15 and sleeps most of the time now.

When they are not eating, using the litter pan or chasing each other, you can find them resting - either watching out a window or curled up catnapping.

As far as the dry nose you might want to put a few pan of water around the house - sounds like your house air might be on the dry side.
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Well it has been so ridiculously humid here for the past month or two I think dry air is the last of my worries.

About sleeping, he may just be a lot older then I think. Only thing I go by is the fact that his teeth are very very clean. He must be a older cat though or else just lazy. In comparison of my other cats ranging from ages 1.5 years to 8 years, he naps all the time, and not light catnaps, he is a heavy sleeper.

Is there any sort of rule as to when unneutered male cats get those really hard cheeks? He has the start of them and I just neutered him within the last 2 months when I found him.
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One of my fosters Ernie had the beginning of those round cheeks when I took him in and got him neutered. The rescue director pegged him at less then 18months but over a year because of this. My Rambo sounds a lot like yours, I chalked it up to growing or weather etc. Now I think it might have been the beginning of his current battle with a calici-like virus. Not to worry you, but when in doubt ask the vet!!
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Nose and paws dry and cracked probably is'nt the only area. Maybe you need to add some fish oils to his diet. Any skin irritation can make them uncomfortable, sleep more, they just are'nt the usual........Maia is 6 months and she is perfect example! She has sensitive skin, allergies and when there is a flare up, you can tell in her lack of being a maniac!
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