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Okay, spay WAS going great...

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It figures. Gretta had a stitch that didn't disolve right, and she was acting like she didn't feel up to par, and had a loose-ish stool, so off to the vet she goes today. Temp is up slightly, but not quite a fever, they pulled the stitch, wormed her, and gave her an antibiotic for a week, just in case, since she had a bump around the stitch (not a hernia). Of course, I have been talking to someone since Tuesday about him adopting her, and he's supposed to be coming tomorrow.
The vet said she is still good to go, but he would have to give her the antibiotic and bring her in for a (free) recheck of her incision in 3 weeks, along with her final booster shots. I had to leave him a message - I hope this doesn't mess things up! She's already 5 months old- this is the first person who has called who has a good vet reference, an older child, and REALLY seems to want a Tabby cat- and he has a 1 yr old cat- just right for Gretta to play with! I was so excited! Now I am waiting for him to call back.
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I'm sure everything will be just fine. None of this comes at any cost to adopter, right? And I'm sure that if he has good references and another cat, he'd do what it takes to get this little girl healthy, since its so little anyways. Good luck vibes though, I hope she finds a good home soon!
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Maybe nursing her back to health will help him bond with her!
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I had that happen with a rabbit. A month after her surgery she started licking one spot a lot and licked all the fur off, and a lump had started to form. Fortunately it was just the knot from the dissolvable stitches and the vet said it was twisting the inner layer of skin around, causing a lump. No aftercare, no antibiotics because he said it looked very clean and healthy inside. She was fine and healed beautifully after that.

Hope everything goes okay for her! I would think you could still adopt her out, especially if the vet said it was okay. It took Fey's lump about a day to disappear and she stopped licking the spot immediately after the stitch was removed.
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I think just getting the stitch out made her feel better, I had the same problem with a stitch just like that, and I was certainly happier when it was gone ! I'm hoping it won't make a difference- we'll see! I will offer to let him speak to her vet, too, since he doesn't know me from Adam's housecat, if he needs the reassurance .

Thanks everybody! I'll let you know how it goes!
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