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An incredible Persian cat story

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Perhaps I should not even repeat this story since I did not see this first hand, but heard it from a friend of a friend, and now I am repeating it here which takes its credibility or incredibility a step further, but it is an interesting story, true or not, but I have been assured it is absolutely true.

An owner of a white Persian cat decided one day that he wanted to have a pointed Persian (Himalayan). So down he went to Sally's and bought a bottle of Breck and got his wish.

Has anybody else ever heard of such a thing? I remembered this story a while ago while I was touching up my grey hair, as my Persian cat (Himalayan) was intently watching me. I asked him if he cared for a little touch up but he did not seem to be interested at all.

I do not personally guarantee this to be a true story but it certainly makes me wonder, and surely it has been done.
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I think its a hoax and urban legend - hair dye shouldnt be put on cats as they lick themselves.

I HAVE heard of people using ink pads to darken paw pads for a show. Since judges spray the table before the next cat, the one with ink left foot prints on the damp surface....needless to say, the cat was disqualified and I think the owner was banned from showing cats for a period of time!
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I've seen white cats and dogs dyed with temporary vegetable dyes before, but I don't think I'd ever dream of putting any harsh chemicals on an animal, not sure I'd even trust the safety of the vegetable dyes.
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I of course, agree with you. But that does not keep people from doing stupid things. I also see what you are saying about "touching them up" a little for shows but I am sure any judge could see this immediately. But people are people, and they will do these things that those of us consider absurd. Meanwhile, I am very happy with my cat just the way he his and please do not think that I would think this is acceptable bahavior, I just thought it was an interesting aspect of some cat owners that would do such things. I will never alter my cat in any way, and that certainly includes declawing. I did however, have him nuetered, because Bob Barker told me to!
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I think that's an urban legend too. As with all urban legends that go around people are assured that the story is absolutely true.

Here is another example of such a story:

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I went to a show once and I saw a Burmese breeder putting brown eyeshadow on the lighter parts of the skin under the eyebrows (you know where that bald spot is above the eye?).
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Godiva, that's just plain silly. ALL cats have less hair in that area. And ultra shorthair cats like burms, rexes, orientals will have a tendency to be spare in that area. Doesn't mean you need to color it - the judges will not penalize a cat that you can see the skin.
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