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Kitty twitching

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My kitten Harley (1yr old) twitches when she is resting. I know cats twitch in their sleep and this is not what that is. She only does it when she is on her side or on her back. It's more like shivering than anything. We're planning a vet appointment next week and she is way too much of a scared cat to feel comfortable at the vets, so I may just get a video of her doing it.

Any ideas what it could be?
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I think the video is an excellent idea since the cat most likely won't be sleeping and resting in the vet's office. Try to film her from different angles too.

Good luck and I hope that your cat is better soon.
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Ask the vet to do some xrays. There could be something putting pressure on her spine that causes the twitching or it could even be a pinched nerve. It's probably nothing to be alarmed about, but it's always a good idea to ask the vet. If he/she says there's nothing wrong, maybe kitten just needs a blanket
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Occasionally I have seen Maia's leg or foot twitch in certain positions laying down. I believe it is just the right pressure like a reflex. Although.........if this is something you have noticed to the point of concern, it could be a neurological disorder.....Is there high sensitivity or lack of sensation in the limbs...... I would'nt expect spinal or nerve damage without some major trauma........Try pressure on each foot pad to ensure regular sensation through all 4 legs,...........might be hard if squeemish! Keep us informed! Maia and I are thinking of Harley!
I would'nt be alarmed, maybe her blood pressure slows down while resting and she gets a chill..........
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Thanks for the replies. I've already done one video and I'll be sure to do one from a different angle.
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