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Nutro Max...a good food?

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Sorry I know posts about food are numerous...but I'm having trouble finding a good food for my cat.
Problem is, her stools STINK. Not horrendous, but bad enough.
She was on Purina One when I first adopted her, back in May. She was not eating well and I found out she had constipation real bad. After a trip to the vet and an enema she got better and started pooping again.

I switched her to Iams, and she liked that food, but her stool stank still. I was also feeding wet food like Friskies or Sheba. I then tried Petsmart Authority formula for indoor cats, and she didn't like the wet food of that brand so I stuck with Friskies, Sheba.

I'm still seeing no improvement, so I'm going to try Nutro Max, both dry and wet. How is this food? I've read some good things already about Innova, Cannin, and Wellness, but they were more expensive. This Nutro Max is a good price and the wet food was even on sale today at my Petsmart.
I do realize Friskies and Sheba are not the best kinds of foods...I'm hoping this switch will help. My cat's stools are soft and not only that she tends to track some of it on the bathroom floor or on the outside edges of the box! Yuck! I do not want cat poop all over my apartment! (I'm considering getting an enclosed litter box.)

So who feeds Nutro and do they like it? Thanks!
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I feed Nutro wet once a day (and Eukanuba dry- I don't like to feed from all one company) and it's great. Great ingredients, the kittens loooooooooove it. Their coats are much better than when they were eating Science Diet at the Humane Society and I'm not having problems with Eve not gaining weight like the shelter was having. She gained 15 oz in two weeks and was still on the skinny side!

If you can find it, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul is comparable in price and is also supposed to be a very good food. I'll be adding the canned Chicken Soup into the wet food rotation now that my local store got some in that isn't already expired (last time I checked their stock had expired July 2005). I'd probably choose Chicken Soup for dry over Nutro, but IMO Nutro is much better than Purina One or Iams.
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Thank you and I will look for the Chicken Soup canned, as I do like to keep the wet food varied. Cats seem to tolerate wet food switching with no problems, whereas dry food switching can sometimes cause a problem. I just want a really good dry food that's cost-effective, and same with wet foods. I think I have a good idea of which foods are best, seems Innova, Royal Cannin, Wellness, Natural Choice, and Nutro are getting some of the highest votes.
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My kitten (5 mos) eats Nutro max Kitten wet and dry. He gets 1/2 can of Max Cat kitten in the am and half before bed. The lady at Petsmart said to start with Max Cat dry first and then move to the Kitten Indoor forumula (the indoor formula is kibble is larger).

I am very pleased with this food. His coat is as smooth as silk, nice poopies that don't stink. And, the price is pretty good. I am not really willing to spend more money when he is doing so well on this food.
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Well to update...my cat loves the Nutro Max food, both dry and wet. She especially likes the little 3oz gourmet cans...wow, they look good enough for HUMANS to eat.
So far, so good!
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