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Rude smells and rabbit punches

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Lately I've been having to deal with a spot of arthritis and a few achy's and pains here and there....its a getting old thing I suppose. This afternoon, it was a sore neck. So, before lying down, I applied some Absorbine Jr. to my neck and shoulders......

I don't believe that I was asleep very long when Turvy Demeter quite rudely woke me up with a HARD rabbit punch to the back of my head.

Apparently, when she got onto the bed and was sniffing around, she got a really good dose of the smell of Absorbine Jr.....and she wasn't the least bit amused!!!!

I've had a shower and she's had some treats, and we've pretty much gotten over it.......I think!
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you mustn't offend her delicate nose!
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Ahhh... I've had a rabbit kick to the face before due to Bit sleeping around my head and a thing that went bump in the night. He and I both were scared out of our minds.
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OMG - sorry but I could not help laughing picturing the whole scenario.

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Bless your heart, i know what that likes. I hope your head feels better soon . Kitty's hurt when they "rabbit kick", but all i can say is - Be glad it wasn't a REAL rabbit!!!! Those hurt much worse! I have the scars to prove it! My sophie is really a ferocious beast trapped inside a cute rabbits body !

Sophie only "looks" innocent

Beware Abilene! Sophie thinks your food too!

Talk to the ears!
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Hmm, try some Ben-Gay next time. Our cat York (RB) used to lick it off Dad and then have a purr/knead session with Mom's nylon nightgown.
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Pearl loves the smell of Bio-Freeze. She will rub her face all over the area I applied it, and roll around like she is high on catnip. It is so funny to see such a shy, ladylike kitty rolling around like that.
Fred and several other cats over the years have loved the smell of Vick's Vap-O-Rub. If my cats get the sniffles, I let them smell the jar. It seems to help a lot.
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I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh but that is soo funny! She obviously did not like what she smelled! Have you tried taking cod liver oil for your arthritis? I take it and I find it helps.
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