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radio question of the day: 08/18/06

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Fill in the blank.................

If I didn't have -------------, I wouldn't be where I am today!!!

(That can either be good or bad! One person called in about her hubby, and if it weren't for him, they wouldn't be in so much credit card debt!)
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Faith. I went through a lot of tough times to get where I am now. But I had faith and everything is turning out great (so far)
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Love. I wouldn't have my son or wonderful husband if it weren't for love. I wouldn't have my awesome family either.
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My husband. Literally. If we had never met I never would have moved to California and would still be a Georgia girl.
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Perserverance. I made it through 7 years of depression and bipolar, a messy parental divorce, a really bad high school experiece, a very abusive relationship, and a year and 9 months of a long-distance relationship. I'm now almost completely happy, living with my boyfriend and my cat, going to private college, and working at a job I love.
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My Grandparents.

If it weren't for my Grandpa giving me the job in his Parts Department when I was 15, I wouldn't have the work ethic and experience to be where I am today. He's taught me so much.

My Grandparents are my life. They have helped me out with everything, without them, I would be nothing!
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My 3 closest friends-we've been together thru everything in our lives since childhood-happiness,sadness,messy divorces,abusive relationships,sickness,down times & up times but always our friendship is the constant factor

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Oh I almost forgot! At some point this weekend we're supposed to go with a friend to see a roller derby bout. I've never been to one in person but I LOVED watching the A&E show "Rollergirls".
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It's a tie between Bella and my husband, they both got me through the death of my first husband
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My stepdad & my husband both taught me about unconditional love.
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oh my Mom definitely, my mom was a super Mom, worked full time and was still involved in all my sister and I's activities while taking care of a home and my dad as well, my dad wasn't around much, he worked 3rd shift, was going to college and attended AA meetings at least 3 times a week, so my mom basically carried a huge share of the parenting responsibilities. I tell my mom t's her fault I don't want kids cause I know that there would be no way I would ever be as good a mom as her I'm also very much like my mom, just ask my ex!
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A sense of humor. There have been way too many times where if I couldn't have laughed I'd have just given up.
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If I didn't have my nervous break down, I wouldn't be here today. It was the most defining moment in my life. I wouldn't change it, and I don't feel bad for one moment that I had one. It made me a stronger person, and it made me far more honest with myself.
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