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Ahhh Stress and going nuts :(

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My dad got a letter yesterday that he has to move back to Italy on the 31st of October.
I was totally not ready for this!
I just started getting life on track here in Frankfurt and have now decided to stay here, but where the heck can I get a job with in the next two weeks!?
The worst part is that I cant seem to find a reasonable priced apartment here that also accepts cats!

Please send me vibes that I will find something asap
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I'm sending vibes your way. Good luck!
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Tons of find a job and an apt vibes coming yourway! You have to be in germany for when I come to visit!! (if Lee gets on with Gambro)
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Oh Fran huge vibes of every variety coming your way!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Good luck!!
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(((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I am so sorry to hear this news!

I agree - sending MEGA VIBES your way! FIND A JOB AND A FLAT THAT IS NICE BUT REASONABLY PRICED AND TAKES CATS vibes comin' at ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

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{{{{{Job and affordable living}}}}}}} vibes!
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--------sending you tons of find a job/ apartment vibes---------
Good luck sweetie- keep your chin up! I'm job hunting too if it's any consilation
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Thanks guys, I am going to look at two apartments today, one of them im already really interested in.
Thanks to my dad he is paying my first 6 months of rent, incase I don't get a job!

I have butterflies in my belly!! I am going to be finally.... independant from ANYONE WHOOO

I told you there was a new chapter in my life opening in my other thread!!
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What good news! How did the apartment hunting go???
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