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Intro Help Please!!!

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I had originally posted about this in the Stray forum but my question has sort of morphed into something that fits better in the Behavior area!

I have a stray female who we've been calling Scary (she looks like this kinda: ) and I suspect she may be pregnant. She's still skiddish around people but not so much around me. I would like to keep her and convert her into an inside cat but I'm not sure how to go about doing this considering my other cat, Scary being pregnant, and the fact that she is a stray.

Now before everyone says this - I WILL be taking her to the vet for the proper tests, vaccines, and to confirm if she is in fact pregnant BEFORE bringing her into my home and around Maui.

With the vet part taken care of- how do I do this?? As of now Scary & Maui sit at my sliding door with the screen in between them. He just rolls around like he wants to play and she sits there and watches him and grooms herself. Every once in a while Scary will hiss and/or bat at the door- only once and then they resume co-existing peacefully. I should mention that I haven't seen or heard this happen in a few days either. Once I get the all clear from the vet, do I need to separate them for a week or so as is usually suggested? Or do you think it would be ok for me to just let them together, supervised of course, and see how they do?

I should mention Maui is 6 months old & neutered... I have no idea how old Scary is- she is fairly small but she could just be a petite cat. I don't think she is old though.

If anyone has any other recommendations I'd be glad to hear them!
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Hi, doesn't sound very traumatic so far, but I think things might depend on just how pregnant she is - if she's going to deliver any time soon, she'll definitely need a place to herself anyway, and a nice nest for the babies, plus weeks of keeping Maui away after delivery, though she may come and go. If she isn't, and is healthy, you can choose whether to go through the formal intro procedures described in the link at the top of the forum page, or just be there to monitor how things go. Make sure Maui doesn't feel displaced in any way (or place), but that Scary also has a place of her own, with her own box, etc.
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I answered in the Strays and Ferals forum, but I wanted to add this:

Give Maui some extra play time. That will help too.

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