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Help Me!!!!!

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please could any body tell me how to post pics of my cats on this forum?????probably being thick and slow but hey im new to this
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Go to http://www.photobucket.com/ and upload your pics there. Just make sure that they are within the size limitations before you do this. If you look at the top post in the "Fur Pictures Thread" it tells you what size they need to be.

Once they're in photobucket just copy the bottom line of code that they provide (they give you three different kinds) and paste it into your post. Whala!
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it took me ages and even now i get it wrong at times sign up for an account with photo bucket save all your pics to an album and then high light the url address go to edit copy the address and then come back to tcs start new thread and the press on insert link paste your url and bingo that should be it someone sent me a link to help me which was step by step hopefully they will do the same for you x
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thankyou...ill try that
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This thread should help explain it a little better


I'll move this to Forums How-to
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