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Cats fling themselves at the window!

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The thread asking about whether or not kittens slow down once they reach the one year old mark struck a note with me- they'd better slow down. I have three 10½ month olds who are driving me insane

I just had to put my hurricane shutters up on the dining room window. The cats have been literally hurling themselves at it chasing lizards that get between the screen and the glass. I'm afraid they are going to break the window- the glass is thin and the frame is not too sturdy. And if breaking the glass and getting cut up wasn't a bad enough scenario then they'd likely end up outside and scared to death to come back in. And the pool is like three feet from the window.

I tried bending the screen frames a bit so the lizards could get out easier. But then they just sit on the outside windowsill and the cats are still bonkers.
I can live with ugly shutters. They don't do it at any other windows- just this one. I think there's a lizard portal out there.

If this doesn't do it I'm putting paper over the inside of the window so they can't see anything
So much for the Martha Stewart look.
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Those crazy boys!!! I think the lizards are doing it on purpose
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They're lizard obsessed.

Nearly every night Rochester will start this really specific sounding wail, a very low, mournful sounding meow. I can hear him from across the house and know exactly what is going on- there's a baby lizard on the ceiling. So I get my lizard stick, knock it to the floor, and they all eat it.

It's mean and nasty, I know, but if I try to catch it for release, or it gets away they'll wreck the whole house finding it. I've already had to have two prints reframed after they knocked them down and broke the glass. It isn't safe for them.

Wascally wabbits.
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Spike does this to get at birds and squirrels -- the lady downstairs has a bird feeder, and our front windows face out into two large trees, which are typically full of fat, cheeky squirrels and small birds. Oz will just sit and watch, making that chirrupy chittering sound cats make when frustrated (we think it's his "bird call" ), but Spike ... Spike will come charging down the hallway and fling himself at the window, heedless of the fact that it's still solid and will probably hurt when he hits it. Fortunately it's double-paned glass, so he can't break through it, but it's often so unexpected he scares the bejeezus outta me! One minute I'll be reading quietly, the next WHAM! Cat in the window!

One squirrel in particular seems to understand that the glass will keep him safe. He sits on the window ledge and struts back and forth in front of the cats, taunting them with his fat, unattainable self. You can practically see the thought bubble over his head: Na na na na na naaaa. :P It's a good thing my guys are indoor kitties ... This cheeky squirrel wouldn't stand a chance.
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If you figure out a solution to the window problem, let me in on it! I'm convinced Georgia is a genius... except that she has yet to come to terms with the concept of "glass." Maybe that's because she now has brain damage caused by the number of times she's smacked her head into the sliding glass door chasing after moths, squirrels, hummingbirds... even a deer once!

She's 2 or 3, and she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down!
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What you say about squirrels is so funny and absolutely true. They just love to antagonize cats. I do not let my cat outside but there is a large tree in the back yard and the squirrels would come down to one inch away from how high my dog could jump and all join in on antagonizing the poor dog. Right now there is a wild rabbit that has been hanging around in the mornings and this really gets Persi the cat going in to a frenzy!
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