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Urine in couch fabric

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After I adopted a second cat, my first cat started peeing on my couch. I have taken her to the vet and changed a number of things and the situation has gotten better if not been resolved.

The problem. I took the covers off the affected cusions. The fabic appears to be dry clean only. I took the covers to a dry cleaner and they said they could clean them but it would take a week. But the covers are no better. After a week of not removing the urine they smell awful. I complained but they said that was the best they could do and basically told me tough luck. Go away

So this time I called a few drycleaners and explained the situation. They said they would be willing to "try" but none gave me a warm fuzzy that they expected to do any better.

Can anyone suggest a solution. Is there a chain of drycleaners that does well or a specific drycleaning method I can inquire about which has a better chance of working

Thanks for any help
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I would try testing an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle on a small descrete spot. If it seems like it doesn't harm the fabric, then I would soak the covers and let them air dry.

Also, try contacting an upholstery cleaning company and see what they can. i often see them advertise "pet cleaning" for couches and rugs.

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