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Ruby is getting spayed on Monday!

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Well, the time has come to have Ruby spayed. Her babies will be 10 weeks old on Sunday and ready to start going to their forever homes. I made Rub'ys spay appointment for Monday. Her milk isn't dried up completely, but the vet said that was ok. I drop her off between 7:30 and 9 and wil be able to pick her up in the late afternoon.

Here's the question: her babies do still nurse some. While the kittens who are going to new homes will be going on Sunday, we will still have the two we are keeping here. Do I need to keep them away from her and, if so, for how long after the surgery?

I was really hoping to get them all done at once, but the vet's office currently working with the shelter for low/cost speuters makes you wait until 4 lbs. or 4 months, so it will be a bit before Shannon and Scarlet can be fixed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not certain, but it seems you should keep the kittens away from her for at least a few days. It just sounds painful after a surgery! And at 10 weeks, they will be fine without her for a few days.

Good for you in getting this done!
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Keep the kittens away from the momma until she is completely healed from her surgery...if they try to nurse her they could rip out her stitches or cause it to get infected. / I would keep the momma in a seperate area from the kittens...but keep the two kittens that you are keeping together so they won't get lonely.
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I'm so glad that Ruby is getting spayed!!!

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Keep us posted tomorrow after her surgery...also, don't forget- no food after midnight
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Keep us posted tomorrow after her surgery...also, don't forget- no food after midnight

Actually, they told me no food after 10 pm and that had kind of slipped my mind, so I'm glad you reminded me. All of the other kittens are gone to their homes as of 4:00 and we ended up letting Scarlet go as well (she is going to live with Jacko and the family fell in love with her). So now its just Ruby and Shannon (my husband is thrilled, he wasn't too keen on having 3 cats, so it all works out).

Question: Shannon and Ruby are used to having free reign and I free feed (obviously). Should I make sure they both eat up before 10 and then put all the food away, or should I lock Shannon up in the bathroom with food and water for himself tonight. I know they'll have to be separated after surgery, so I'd like them to be together tonight considering Shannon has lost all of his siblings. He still nurses a bit, so won't starve overnight...

Hmmm, all sorts of questions seem to be popping into my mind. I'm actually quite nervous about the whole thing.
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I would seperate them after 10 if you free feed shannon. You don't want to shock his stomach by suddenly switching up his food routine. Let Ruby go ahead and eat what she likes before 10 though...then after 10, put shannon's food in a different room where ruby cannot access it. I see no reason why he can't be with his momma tonight- just make sure that when ruby goes to sleep you put shannon in the room with his food and water so that he won't get hungry- at that age, he's still growing and needs access to his food and water Put a cuddly stuffed animal in the room with him to keep him company Good luck tomorrow! Keep us posted! Also- ask for internal stitches tomorrow & disolvable stitches tomorrow! They are a lot easier on kitty than staples are. Also, it might not be a bad idea to get an E-collar (elizibethian collar- sold at local pet stores in a variety of sizes) for her to wear after the surgery if she strikes you as the type that might try to chew out her stitches. If you need anything or have any more questions ,feel free to pm me! I'm sending you and your little ones lots of vibes!!! - Glad to hear the other kitties found a wonderful home Also- no need to be nervous about the is a major surgery- but a very routine one! Your little one will be just fine!
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Update on Ruby:

She is currently at the vet's office and will have her surgery this morning. The receptionist had told me over the phone that she could come home today, but the vet tech said she had to stay overnight and I could pick her up anytime after 8am tomorrow.

The drop off was quite traumatizing (for me not Ruby), as I had never taken both of my kids with me to the vet by myself. Two big goldens scared the poo out of my 17 month old and she threw a screaming fit in the lobby. Then my 3 year old refused to leave Ruby. We started walking out the door and she said "Wait, wait mommy, you forgot to get Ruby." She calmed down after I told her we'd see Ruby tomorrow. Ahhh, children.
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sending a big hug for you and your little ones look forward for yur update on ruby tommorrow x
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I just called the vet and Ruby is out of surgery and she is doing well. That's a relief.
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so pleased she is doing well x
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I'm glad to hear she is doing well! I bet you are looking foward to seeing her tomorrow, as are your little ones
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Ruby is home. I have isolated her in her "recovery room" formerly known as "the kitten room" formerly known as guest bathroom. She seems to be in good spirits and ate as soon as I put her in there. She let me pick her up and look at her incision. She has internal stiches and you can still see a bit of betadine around it. Its a lot further up than I would have thought.

Another question: How long should I keep her isolated from Shannon? When will it be safe to let him near her. He is "birddogging" the door as we speak, so I know he would try to nurse. It looks as though her milk has dried up drastically just since yesterday. I was thinking of trying the sock idea, so they could be together. Would this be safe? Shannon was very lonely yesterday without his mommy. If I was sitting still her was in my lap, desperate for attentions.
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I am not sure if this is a "correct" answer or not. I frequently have foster moms and babies. I only have one spare room. After surgery, mom and babies are reunited, as I have no other choices! My clinic has always done a great job with my moms and I have never had infections or complications by having mom and babies together. I have babies nurse after surgery without problems. If mom is unhappy with the kitten, she may hiss at him or swat him away. Otherwise, I don't see a problem with him being with mom as long as you are careful to watch for him being too aggressive or licking or pawing at her incision. Usually the day after surgery, the moms are feeling much better.
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I know it's hard and the kitties miss each other- but do not risk it by letting them around each other until she is COMPLETELY healed from her surgery. If she were to move around too much or the kitten were to try and nurse her, she could have her stomach incision completly open and risk bleeding out. So for her own safety...keep her seperate and give them both lots of attention and love Better a little caution now, than a bleeding kitty and a heafty vet bill Consult your vet when you take her back in for a check up (usually a week after the spay) on when he/she recommend introducing the two to each other again. Until then, they should most definitely be kept seperate. Also- if you notice her trying to excessively lick (a little licking is normal- but too much isn't!) or chew at her incision site- purchase an E-collar to put on her. You can prevent her from taking off the e-collar by putting little zip-ties through the grooves on the bottom of them and attaching them to her normal collar Good luck!!!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
So for her own safety...keep her seperate and give them both lots of attention and love Better a little caution now, than a bleeding kitty and a heafty vet bill

They've done well being seperated, and I let Ruby out for some closely supervised time with her baby. As soon as he goes for the nipple, she goes back to her room. But they get to cuddle and she cleans him up a bit. We also swap them out, so Ruby gets lots of attention without Shannon around. She's pretty vocal when she is awake, but she's sleeping most of the time.

She is definitely not messing with her incision. When I checked it out this morning, there were still traces of betadine surrounding it, it it appears she's not licking it at all.

A funny story now: Since Shannon is lone kitty now, he has chosen to pick on my 17 month old. I walked into the room yesterday when she (my baby)was crying and Shannon was attacking her feet and she kept moving them, so he kept attacking. I scruffed him and hissed at him, and Madeleine figured out the way to make the sound and hissed at him too. Now everytime he comes near her, she hisses. It is the funniest thing and she gets a kick out of it.
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