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Litter box trouble

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Hello everyone! Lately Nippie has been having trouble with his litter box. For the last two days he has been pooping on my floor instead of where he is suppose to do it. He is three years old and knows better by now. I clean it out daily and I have not changed anything in there. Except about a week ago I put a plastic liner in there for the first time. Everything was going well until yesturday. Please help with any suggestions...
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Not to dismiss your complaint but this question comes up so often there is a sticky post in the behaviour forum that deals with how to correct it. The first thing to do though, is to take your kitty to the vet and make sure he is okay health-wise.

I am moving this to the behaviour forum where you will see the sticky post at the top under Inappropriate Peeing Problems Answered....... You will be able to get some idea from that. But please get kitty checked out by a vet!

Good luck!
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As long as you are sure the cat is healthy, why not remove the liner. That may be the problem.
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I have removed the liner, scrubbed out the box itself and he still won't go to the bathroom. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow. His spirits are still good and he is eating, I just don't know what to do.
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If your vet rules out health problems as causing the behavior, then the next place to look is very closely at his environment.

If something in his environment has changed (the litter box liner, as only one small example) then he may simply be demonstrating his dislike and mistrust of the offending change.

But, if as you say, taking away the liner hasn't changed the behavior, then look deeper. Have you brought any new furniture into the house, rugs, or other decorative items? How about cleaning products? Are you cleaning with something different than you have used in the past? Are there any cats outside your home that he might be aware of? If so, then he very well could be displaying extremely normal and instinctual marking and territorial behaviors by leaving his ... business ... where he thinks other cats (real or imagined) will know this is his turf. Are there new people coming into your home? How do they interact with this cat? Could it be that there is someone mistreating him without your knowledge?

Please let us know what the vet says,

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Hello to all! I took Nippie to the Vet today and he gave me some medicine. He also suggested that I buy another litter box, so I also did that. I will keep you updated... Thanks to all...
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Hello to All! Well we had a set back over the weekend. Thursday he did what he was suppose to, but over the weekend I came home and found various surprizes on my bed. I talked to the vet again and now nippie is on anixety medication. I hope that we can solve this problem soon..
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Anxiety medicain? Poor little buggar. I hope he's not too drugged up!

My Asim used to be horrible with the litter box for the first year I owned him, towards the end his sister joined him in it.
It is purely behavoiral. And those meds don't always work, or at least not 100%. After a couple weeks I had to take Asim off of them because he was too drugged up to even be a cat anymore.

You said when you came home on the weekend you found poop on your bed. Does that mean you have been gone for a long time. Anxiety in cats normally means seperation anxiety, but not always. Now adays, my Asim is fine, unless I leave him alone for more than 24 hours, I did that once and he ruined a brand new chair, never again!

I'm assuming you have read the sticky post about the litter box issues, if not you should. You can also start off by moving one of the box's to the spot on the floor where he poo's.
There are many many things you can try, don't give up!
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I agree with you. I feel that Nippies problems are behavioral. I had only left him for 24 hours when I came home to find gifts on my bed. I have left him alone for a lot longer before, Since this has started I have not left him alone, for any period of time. Just to go to work and back. I only work 4 hours a day and I'm home at 12:30 sharp.
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