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Rescued kitty

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Hi everyone!

Well, I have a new guest in my apartment. Last night Sandie called me last night to tell there was a declawed neutered male living in the carport of an empty apartment. Evidently the family he belonged to up and moved out, putting kitty out with the trash. The people living next door didn't like the fact that there was a cat hanging around so they were kicking him and throwing him hoping he'd leave. The poor cat is so confused. He can't understand why no one will open the door and let him in (the place is empty). He's never been outside. Sandie said she couldn't take him in because of her new babies. So, I took him home with me and he is now hiding under my bed. I feel so bad for him. I've been going in and sitting on the floor whispering to him. All he does is growl. Sandie figures it's from all the different cat scents in the room.

He is a big boy too! He's got four white paws, a feautiful face and is a tiger tabby. He weighs about 20-22 pounds. I'm hoping I can find a home for him. But I was not about to let him stay outside. It's still a little chilly out and he has no way to defend himself.

Tiggeytoes, if you know anyone who can adopt this big boy, please let me know. I don't mind him staying in my back bedroom. But he needs a family of his own and I'm afraid I'll get too attached.

Have a great day everybody!
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How wonderful of you Donna, to take him in. I feel so sad that someone could just leave there cat. I guess I could never understand that way of thinking, so it seems so impossible to me.

I hope he finds a new home, or will atleast trust you to pet him and show him love. Poor little guy. I wish I could adopt him. If I lived where you did I would in a second.

Good luck!
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Donna.....you have a heart of gold!!! As do many people on this site.... If the world was all as caring and kind hearted as you all are....it would be a 100% improvement!!!
Poor little kitty....how horrid to leave him like that....especially declawed so he has no way to defend himself. I hope you find him a good home!
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Hi guys!

I'm sure I'll find a home for him. Right now he is so scared and confused. I did manage to coax him out from under my bed with treats. He growled while he ate them, but I'm sure it's going to take him a while. I put a note on my neighbor's door telling her about "George". She has been looking for a cat too. She got one last week from a rescue group (not Helping Paws) and the cat was vicious, attacking everyone that walked by her. So she took her back. I'm hoping she'll take him. He's a great cat.
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I am sure I will be telling this to Donna in just a bit. I did some research today and his name is for sure Georgie. The people did take him to a vet but that was in 1998. This is the vet who declawed him. So now I am on a mission to find out if we can do something to the owners who left him. I am sure if I press long enough, somthing might be done. He really is a sweet boy. You can hold him and hug him. He is just scared from all the new scents and the long car rides. Once he finds someone to love him for life..he is going to be an awsome baby. Oh yeah and it looks like he was about 1 in 98 so that makes him 3 now...poor baby!!
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George??? If they had the chudzpah to dump him while declawed, it doesn't surprize me that he hasn't seen a vet in 3 years. I will make an appointment for him pronto to get his shots updated and a health check. I want the address of those idiots so I can write a nasty letter to them and let them know there are laws against abandoning animals.
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Donna you are such a special person. I know what it's like to bring in an abandon baby, I did and that was 8 years ago. It took him a little over 2 years to trust me so I have a feeling he's a keeper and I will probably be seeing him at some shows. Again, thanks for loving him and Sandie, thanks for worrying enough about him. I hope you guys find out where the owners moved to and when you do, I have a feeling Rene will be involved if not already there.

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If you guys need somebody to write some nasty letters, you can post the address of the abandoners and I'm sure everyone on this site will be happy to inundate their mailbox with mail!
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Those people are just horrible! I can't belive they were not aware of how terrible it is to abandon a declawed cat. And aren't the neighbors sweet too? Kicking him around to make him go away. Some people just don't have a heart!!!

Donna, thank you for taking him in. I'm not sure whether to wish you luck finding him a home or congratulations on your new baby
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Hi everyone!

George is doing better. When I got home last night after work, he was on my bed purring. I sat with him for a while and fed him. He then went back under the bed. I talked with my neighbor last night and she isn't going to take him. Sandie is going to see if the vet she works for will update his shots and make sure he's healthy. That would be a great. He can stay with me for as long as he needs to. If it's for good, then so be it. Things happen for a reason. I do plan on putting his picture in the paper to see if there are any takers. But in the meantime, he can stay where he is. At least I know he's safe.
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Yeah Donna, you are the best. I wish more people were just like you. I bet George is so happy.
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I wouldn't say George is "happy". A little confused and angry perhaps. But he's slowly coming around. I hope I can find a home for him because he's a great cat. He's welcome to stay as long as it takes.
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Awwwwww! Donna, you are just so sweet! That poor lil' guy. Well, at least he has a decent home now (even if temporarily). It sounds as if he needs to be in a single kitty home.
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Yes, today I still tried to see what I could do about getting the people who left him. I think I am going to have to wait for the Captain and he can throw his weight around. I did get a phone call today though. It was a man who was very worried about George. He lives on the other side of the people who left him. You see...this man is the one who has been feeding him and keeping him as hefty as he is. He put a blanket and box outside for him as well. He was very worried that I had taken him to be put to sleep or something. This guy would bring George into the house and play with him in his bathroom. This man KNOWS George hates other cats, so yes he will have to be an only cat. He has 4 of his own and wanted to take George in, but George would not get along with the others. He even offered to help pay for his medical bills. He told me that the people moved to NY and took their dog!! I am bound and determined to get their # or address!! It may be ahwile, but we are going to get George to someone who really appreciates him.
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THey took their DOG with them??!! I hope Captain can do something. There are laws against abandoning animals. Let the guy next door know he's doing fine and if he wants to call me to check up on him, I don't mind at all. I hope we get these a$$holes. I'll send them a bill for boarding and food that's how damn mad I am.
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The neighbor man who is concerned about George sounds like a really decent guy. Too bad he can't take him, but I understand with his other cats.
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I've put the word out at work and have posted a sign. Somewhere SOMEBODY must have a heart and home for this poor little guy.
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Good luck with George. I hope you can find him a good home. It just breaks my heart that anyone could be so cruel to a cat. They are such sweet, wonderful creatures. Maybe he will come around and get used to the other cats.
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I would take him in a second if you could get him here. I hope he gets a good home. Please let us know.
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Hi Deb and Kaaren,

He finally came out of his shell! Last night he was laying on the bed. When I walked in the room, he rolled over on his back and started purring!! I took pictures of him too, which I will post as soon as Sandie shows me how to download them onto the computer. (new camera).
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