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Quiet Heat

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I think Trouble may be in heat but she's not doing the normal random and late night calling. she's fairly vocal as is being an Ocicat so i can't tell what is calling or just asking for attention. she has done this calling like meow since we first had her at 5 months. i've touched the base of her tail before recently and she would turn and bite me. now i do it and she rolls on the floor onto her back. which is what has led me to believe she might be in heat. she's also started a fetish with string more than usual she finds the end of a blanket or the string on the ironing board or the light string in the bathroom soo facinating and will hord it somewhere if she can get it loose. which before she never bothered with. she was more of a paper and ribbon kitten. any ideas of how i can tell when she's calling? she's almost 9 months and i would have thought her first heat would be any day now.
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It does sound like she is in heat....were you planning to have her spayed?? If so, now would be a good time to arrange her spay appt.

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I would think by 9 months of age she would have had her first heat by now. Are you going to spay her?
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nope not spaying her shes on the active reg with the GCCF for ocicats. hoping to breed her next year.
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