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A moral type of question

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If you were in my position what would you do?

My husband found a kitten this morning. At first i thought he was just a stray kitten cuz he had fleas soo bad that his gums were pale and he was alittle on the skinny side. The only thing he is a very tame lap kitty so I am thinking that he isn't a stray but has owners. But with the fleas how bad they were show he has had them for a real long time. when i gave him a regular bath the water had a bunch of live fleas that came off him and you could see the blood. so i took him in and got him advantage and all and it took me like three hours to comb and pick all the fleas off him. So I don't know if I should try to find his owners or just keep him cuz i really dont want to put him back in that situation cuz it is a clear to me that they don't really care about his health if they let the fleas get that bad. But I also know how i would feel if it was the other way around and someone had my Kallie. any advice would be helpful on making up my mind.
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Your Kallie would never have fleas like that..I personally would see if the kitten has a microchip, and if he doesn't I would keep him.

Good luck with your decision!
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Sounds like it's lost. Maybe his original home is far from your place. I'd try to find the owners before thinking of keeping him.
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I think with fleas so bad, he must be a stray, because even if the owners don't care surely they wouldn't want all these fleas in their house, after all humans can get them too. And yeah, if he ISN'T a stray, people who let a kitten get into such bad condition shouldn't be allowed to keep it!! A couple of fleas can be explained. But so many, and so bad?
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Maybe the kittens owners have been trying to find him without much luck?

When we found JD I posted a few signs around and decided that if no one called for him by the end of the week I would keep him... but unfortunately for us his owner called...

If in fact his owners aren't looking for him or abandoned him then you most definetely should keep him! lol- honestly with JD I didn't try that hard to find his owner- but at least I can say I tried!
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How old is the kitten? In my case, I decided that in the two months Zissou had been alive when found outside, there is no way that she had ever had a responsible owner as she had fleas, worms, mites, dehydrated, skinny, and pretty scared of people. If she had gotten lost or something, I can see having fleas or being dehydrated.

If your kitten is old enough that somebody may have loved it and is missing it, but it has been lost for a few weeks to get in bad shape, try and find the owner.

I found a stray once who looked horribly sick and not like a pet. I took him to the shelter. A few days later there was an ad in the paper about a missing cat who had cancer and needed his medicine. Of course I called. I don't know what happened though she never called back.
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