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Happy Birthday Anne!

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Allow me to be the first to honor our fearless leader on the occasion of her birthday! Many happy returns, Anne, and welcome to your next decade!

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HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!

Hope you have a Puuuurrrrrfect Day!
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Happy B-Day Anne!

:rainbow: :kitty5:
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Happy Birthday Anne!!!

You have given me the greatest gift every day now for quite sometime. In creating this website, you have allowed me to find people with similiar passions who are fun to be with. I have learned so much being a part of this community and I just want to thank you for such an outstanding effort on your part to draw people who love cats together. For someone so selfless, I hope bigger gifts come your way today.
May your Birthday be spent in Peace and Joy. I can think of no other way to spend it then with those you love.

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What hissy said! I don't think I could articulate it any better.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, Anne!

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Happy Birthday Anne!!
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Happy Birthday, Anne!:baloon: :rainbow: :girly2: :blubturq: :opposite:
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I hope you have a GREAT one!!! You really deserve it!!!!!

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Have a wonderful birthday Anne!!!
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GoGo is ready to celebrate!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE! Hope it is a peaceful one and that you get all you deserve(happiness and all the good stuff! LOL!) :rainbow: :girly2: :blubturq: :flash:
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Happy Birthday Anne! Have a wonderful day!

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Have a great day, and many more to come.

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Thank You!

I did have a very happy birthday Though not too many celebrations Hubby has come down with the flu so we're postponing celebrations for a few days. Still, having him around all day is a lot of fun too - so I'm happy !
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I just saw this, I'm rarely on here during the weekends, and I hope you have wonderful time when you do celebrate. So..................

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy belated birthday!
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Happy belated birthday, Anne! July 14 is my mother's birthday, too.
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Happy (belated) Birthday Anne! Yet another time for all of us to thank you for creating this wonderful place. I hope your birthday was full of love and happiness, and especially peace.

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:icecream: :flower:
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Hope you have a most wonderfully purrrrfect Birthday Anne!

Here's a birthday party photo from my Tatiana's first birthday party. She had all her little friends from the neighbourhood over with party hats and doggy bags. Tatiana did have on a lovely handmade party hat but one of her doggy friends thought it was a complimentary party gift and ripped it off her head and ran away with it!

Have a great day!
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