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Price for Deworming?

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I was wondering how much is that deworming stuff?

My kitten that I got from the SPCA turns out to have worms still. They claimed to deworm him. hmm Anyway I know it's different in every state. I just want a general idea.

Im in Northern california.

Also can my older kitty thats 2 years get them? She has alreadybeen treated when she was a kitten for those little white buggers.
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our newly-adopted kitty had hook worms ....noticed blood and mucus in her stool and took her to the vet right away. He gave her a three-day course of antibiotics for her as well as for our resident cat. I think the visit for him to check them both, run tests on both, and the meds cost around $170.
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My vet gives Strongid dewormer for free. The other vet wouldn't sell it to me without seeing the cat and told me to pick up Panacur or another dewormer that starts with a 'P' from the feed store.

Don't be mad at the Humane Society, if they said they dewormed then I am sure they did. It doesn't always take one or two doses to get rid of them though. The majority of humane organizations generally deworm cats and kittens when they are vaccinated automatically just to be onthe safe side.
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It's true that it sometimes takes two or three rounds of meds to eliminate a stubborn case of worms. Yes, it's possible your other kitty could have contracted worms now. You would be on the safe side to have her tested and treated if necessary, as well.
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a question then....

our cats were treated for hook worms (one had them, one was treated as a precaution) about three weeks ago. One week after treatment, the vet checked a small stool sample from the once-infected cat and he said he didn't see any evidence of any worms.

Should I have them tested or treated again just in case? I know the hook worms are the worst!
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Well they could have other worms too or in addition to the hookworms if they still has those. There are different dewormers for different things. I would have the stool sample tested so they can accurately be treated. I assume you actually saw the worms? Do you know what kind they were? Tell the vet what you say.

Oh if this all just happened recently, if you just adopted the kitten and if she was just recently dewormed at the Humane Society then they could be dead worms coming out in her feces. (Lovely topic huh?)

If you only have two cats I would just have both their stools tested.
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