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Calorie Restriction for Cats?

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there's been lots of interesting news about animals living longer and more healthier lives when their calories are dropped to around 60-85% of regular intake (the general recommend intake average).

what do you guys think about it?
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Well, it makes sense to me. From a physiological standpoint, it would make sense because it may help the body work more efficiently. It would make maintaining weight much easier long-term, and thusly provide much less stress on vital organs.
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Duke is on a Colorie Restricted diet for medical reasons and has never been happier. I can see where the logic of lowering intake can make one healthier. The same applies to humans, I think it's all about having the "right" calories in moderation
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i was thinking that it would help with other things like: less ash, fillers, preservatives, and grains in the diet. the pet may also be more acceptable to other foods because they are not being overfed.

one thing that concerns me is their hunger. would they be always hungry? and would being hungry make them moody?

and thanks PawPrinter and Sibohan for your input.

any more suggestions. i thought this topic would be a big hit * shrugs *
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I feed one animal all raw and one partly... I imagine since my 13 lb dog only gets 4.5 ounces a day raw vs 3 -4 ounces dry( 300-400 calories) or 8-12 ounces of wet( 350-500 calories ) she is taking in fewer calories and eating less yet her wt loss is a good thing and she is more energetic...

the cat is on part raw part canned she has gained wt eating less go figure but she can add some if she want s...
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My girl Gizmo was on a good quality chicken cat food and put on a whole pound in less than six months' time.

She was put on rabbit food (as in made of rabbit) for her allergies, dropped the excess weight in two months and eats 1/3 cup of food a day, or much less than the vet and the manufacturer recommended.

Most cat foods contain filler and that's where the extra calories come from. I feed Gizmo food that is not extended by corn and wheat fill.
I liked CAlifornia Natural Chicken and Rice but can't use it any more. Right now I'm using Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner and the results have been fantastic.

These foods cost a bit more but the cat eats far less and is healthier, so the ultimate cost is lower.
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