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Eyecolor for Kits

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Okay. I heard somewhere that all kittens eyes are blue when they are first born, but from 3-12 weeks you can see the adult eye color come through. I know a lot of kittens have been born in the last two months. What color are your kittens eyes, and how can you tell when they've settled into their adult color?
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My cat had 8 kittens last year. Their eyes were sort of a dark slate blue for about 4 weeks or so, and at about 5 weeks I could tell that one of them would be odd-eyed, and the rest green/gold. But it took about 6 months or more for some of them to get their final, deep true color (mostly the gold/copper-eyed ones.)
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I was really wondering because they all have these really pretty blue/green/brown color. It is like a mix. None of them have the gold like their mama. They will be six weeks old Saturday and it is still the same.
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my 18 week old kitten's eye's started to change around 8 week's of age patch has a greeny gold colour and fluffy she has light green eye's they have been that way for the last 9 week's or so
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One of our kittens - 13 to 14 weeks now - has brown eyes. The others are goung for gold or green but hers are deep brown. I have never seen that on a cat before has anyone else?
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Usually whatever color they have by 8-12 weeks old will be the adult color.
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Smudge the First had an eye that was almost brown. But it was more like an olive...
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Spike has brown eyes; Leo has green. But we weren't "for sure" on that until they were about 14 weeks.
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