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Litter Box problem

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i got problem with my 7 weeks old persian cat.
The problm is, after he is done 'littering', the litter box sand will stick to its body. So i had to clean him almost everytime after he litter. Any idea whats wrong?
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He is just a youngster who wasn't with mom long enough to learn how to properly cover his waste. I would switch to newspaper strips for the time being instead of litter. He is peeing and then stepping in it and that can cause some concern if you are using clumping litter. The litter will form small balls and work their way underneath the kitty's pads. But until he learns to cover his waste, I would just strip out newspaper. It is much easier to get off a cat then wet soggy litter. If for some reason you decide to stay with the cat litter, then make sure that the pan has enough litter in it so the cat can cover his business. Welcome to the board btw.
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This is often a problem with long haired cats. Like hissy said, he is far too young to have been seperated from his mom. Give him time and lots of love - hopefully with time his litter box habits will get better.
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