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Brushing the cat

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Folks, I would not lie to you, this is absolutely true, and in case I have a secret that will work for you, I share it with you now.

Our house is divided in half by a door. We leave Persi in the front half of the house at night, since we decided we would let him mature a bit more before allowing him to sleep with us because he wants to play at about 2 am. Anyway, when I get up in the morning and go open the door, I always find him waiting on top of the chair right by the door. I give him his good morning petting and he then immediately heads for the laundry room, jumps up on top of the dryer and awaits his morning brushing with no coaxing whatsoever. I then give him a good brushing and he never complains a bit except just a bit when I do his private area, which I save till last. At this point I pop open the jar of Pounce and give him the only food treat he gets during the day. Somebody else told me this worked for them and I have been doing it ever since. It started by me shaking the can of Pounce, showing it to him, then showing him the brush, letting him sniff it out, then leaving the can of Pounce in front of him while brushing him. And now he is perfectly trained to receive his daily brushing! If I do not do it immediately, he will not let me walk anywhere or even get a cup of coffe until I perform my daily duty!
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I need my coffee first.

Instructive story though. He sounds adorable! My one kitten is currently into biting his brush, like it's the enemy. But it's fun. With a long hair cat you really do have to get them into it.
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What kind of cat do you have ?
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Ohenom will sit for her zoom groom for oh about a minute and a half then its play time. She likes to bite it!! Silly girl!
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Persian, so he needs lots of grooming and I am lucky that he is so cooperative because he is only four months old now and when full grown will have three times as much fur to take care of. This is what I worried about before getting a Persian but it has turned out better than I expected. The problem is when we travel we will use a catsitter but I do not know if he will let somebody else do this to him like he does for me.
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You have a very well-trained kitty. I have to brush Prego while he's eating, so he's distracted.
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I found that Gizmo likes the Zoom Groom best; it's very hard to brush her with anything else.
That cat of yours sounds absolutely amazing! and how lucky and fortunate for you and him, since as a long hair he'll need brushing often. At least it will be a pleasant experience for both of you.
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too bad none of my cats like treats of any kind, maybe ill try this with wet food tho since i only give that to them in the morning so its kind of a treat.
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OK, I definitely have a problem. My older cat absolutely hates being brushed and will attack on cue; my new kitten is not so bad, but she does tend to bite the brush!
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Try a Zoomgroom. My brush-disliking cat Gizmo purrs up a storm when I use it. And keep the sessions short. Gizzy lasts about a minute before she jumps away.
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