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Cats who like dairy

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My kitty seems to really like dairy products - especially butter, but also milk and cheese. I did not deliberately give her these foods, but at various times she has licked up some melted butter while I was cleaning up, got into a glass of milk on the table and tried to eat some noodles with cheese. She hasn't gotten more than a small taste, but she will run after me crying if I make buttered popcorn and beg for a taste.

Does anyone else's cat like dairy? I know cats tend to be lactose intolerant, but it is possible that some are not? Is it ok for her to have a little dairy treat?
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My Buddy LOVES yogurt, which is actually very good for them if they can handle it. He's also a fan of cheese and milk, and since it doesn't upset him, I do give him very small quantities from time to time
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Not all cats are lactose intolerant, but a lot are. I'm very cautious with my kids because when we first got zakk, he licked up some milk out of the glass, and then.. well that's just say we had a small mess that got tracked around my old place.
Since then I will NOT like any of my cats have milk. They can have the milk that is made for cats, like catsip or whiskas milk once in awhile.
Zakk and cookie are very interested in cheese. I have let each of them have a small bit (meaning like less than a teaspoon) of it, without any ill effects.
I hardly ever eat butter so I don't think they know about it..
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Mika loves cheese - anything cheesy and any kind of cheese.

I had one cat that loved vanilla ice cream. If I held the bowl above my head he would stand on me and try to pull the bowl down with his paw. He also loved butter. One morning when our daughter was about 3 yrs. old, we went downstairs to find her already up with the butter dish in her hand feeding one finger full to the cat and one for herself.
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Originally Posted by Forget-Me-Not View Post
I know cats tend to be lactose intolerant, but it is possible that some are not? Is it ok for her to have a little dairy treat?
I am also lactose intolerant and regular dairy products make me feel very very sick. I use lactaid milk for my cereal and cooking and drinking, plus I buy chocolate soy milk for drinking.

My cats love milk so I give them some lactaid milk when I have cereal.

Cheese isn't an issue because I can't eat regular cheese and soy cheese is awful, so we don't have cheese here
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Most cats are lactose intolerant, but the degree to which they are varies.... a little taste now and then probably wont hurt, just moniter your cat's reaction (ie: vomitting and/or loose stools)... lactose free dairy products are great alternatives for dairy loving/lactose intolerant cats... Oliver gets lactaid occasionally and always manages to sneak some cream cheese off my bagels (which usually results in a solid, but stinkier than usual poo!)
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I think the majority of cats are lactose intolerant. I do know that a small amount of plain or vanilla yogurt is really good for them if they have diarrhea. Not to cure it but to help until the cat is better.
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Sushi LOVES diary products. I eat string cheese, and she's ALL over me. So, I give her a little bit here and there. She also LOVEs pour over chesee popcorn. That little piggly wiggle actually steals pieces when I am not looking.

So far no problems with her and cheese.

Now Stormy she can only have cat food and water. She has such a senstive stomach that anything can cause problems.

Cuddles was the same way as Sushi, but she's grown out of it.

Thank god or all my popcorn would be gone.
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Villy loves milk and cheese. She's quite sensitive to it though, so I don't really allow her to have it. She will still lick my empty cereal bowl though!
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chloe loves cheese, too; melted cheese seems to be her fave.
she also loves blue bell cookies'n'creme ice cream. i cant eat any without sharing some with her hahaha
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I have yet to have a cat for whom dairy was a problem. Some have been totally mad about dairy products, and others couldn't care less. Shasta would eat pretty much any cheese and be back demanding more -- same with Gryphon, and they both really liked a saucer of milk from time to time. Cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt to a lesser extent. Nibs needed to be included, but always left his for someone else to clean up.

Suzy loves yogurt and butter, is less interested in milk, but likes a little now and then. Cindy is much the same. Fawn shrugs her shoulder and looks at me as if I just stepped off a ship from Mars. So I don't bother offering her anymore -- except when she sees one of the others having something, she has to have the opportunity to express her disdain.
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Mika gets cheese treats occasionally and it doesn't seem to affect her in any negative way. As I said earlier our Ebony loved ice cream and butter and again it never gave him diarrhea so I guess it really depends on the cat. Of course only giving small amounts occasionally would be recommended.
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All mine love milk and I give them goats milk each day, which is low lactose. Persil especially loves cheese and it is the only thing that will make her always come when called - anything that looks like cheese in your hand, and she is there! The others will eat it but not go mad for it. Ellie likes ice cream and will steal it if not watched.
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