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We have kittens!

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Salem delivered five healthy kittens today, they are so beautiful! Three all black kittens and two grey and white kittens. I will be taking lots of pictures tomorrow when I get back my digital camera. I am so proud of Salem! she is such a fantastic mom, all the kittens are perfect and beautiful.

I just wanted to share with everyone, I can't keep my eyes off them! Back to kitten watching...
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YAY SALEM! Congrats grand meowmy
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Originally Posted by Jaclyn4238 View Post
YAY SALEM! Congrats grand meowmy
Thank you from both of us! I actually cried when I first got home and found them all nursing away, happy and healthy. Salem saw me and meowed at me and I went and sat down with her and she licked my hand and has been purring like crazy ever since.

I can hardly drag myself away from them!
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i have such a HUGE soft spot for black kitties!!! oh dear god lol how i love them!!! shes a proud mama!!! please take pictures!!
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Awwww Salem sounds like a sweet Mommy .....Cant wait to see the pics !!!!!! and Congratulations !!!!!
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Thanks guys!

I believe we have two all black boys, one black girl (the littlest), a grey boy and a grey girl. I weighed them all and:

Black Girl (with a white spot on her belly) 3 1/2 oz
Black Boy 4 oz
Black Boy 4 1/2 oz
Grey Girl 4 oz
Grey Boy 4 1/2 oz

I might have gotten the sexes wrong, but thats my best guess at the moment.

The two black boys both have a favorite nipple... which happens to be the SAME nipple, the one closest to Meowmys face, and darn it all if they don't fight for that nipple! Little kitty paws flying everywhere, angry mews, pushing, shoving... you name it! Finally they realized there was another nipple close to Meowmys face and a -temporary- truce has been established.

It seems Salem is more protective of the little black girl than the others. When I took them out one by one to weigh them, she had no problems or concerns... until I took the littlest one and she left the others, came over and was meowing and tried to jump up on the counter to take back her baby. I wonder why she is more protective of that one, maybe because it's the littlest?
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I'm so glad she delivered them easily! That is wonderful news! They are simply adorable, aren't they???
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WTG salem glad to hear she is being a good mummy
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WTG Salem! Can't wait to see the pics.
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Yipee! healthy babies Well done Salem
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Good job salem! i cant wait to see pics!
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Congratulations! WTG Salem! I am anxiously awaiting pictures!!
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