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I went to counselling through the university counselling center when I was an undergrad and it was free. You could have eight sessions free of charge. Most colleges offer this service. I've also been through counselling with the department of children and family services. I paid something like $13 a session and saw a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. They go based on a slidling scale. Social workers tend to be less expensive than a psychologist, but just as good (look for someone with an MSW and a LCSW). Another idea would be to go to a pastoral counselor (if you are Christian), because they are usually less expensive and often go by sliding scales. You just want to look for a pastoral counselor who is licensed as a professional counselor (LPC), marriage and family therapist (LMFT), mental health counselor (LMHC), etc., otherwise you could get someone without good credentials.

Clinical Social Worker


Pastoral Counselor

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see hendrix
your not alone.
not at all.
lots if people have found success.
your greatest gift to yourself will be seeking help and getting it.
Dont ever think your weak or unable in anyways. your making the right stride.

take it easy lady!
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You aren't alone. I have been through theraphy on and off since I was 6yrs old and I am 25 now.

I have been through a lot and it has helped A TON!!

I suffer from GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and depression. Things I have learned from therapy or even talking with my assit pastor has helped.

If you need to go don't worry about your age. Worry more about your mental well being, and getting what you need off your chest.

I am also on 20mg Lexapro (highest dose with Lexapro) since 2004, and once in a while when a panic attack comes on that I can't control, I take .25 mg of Xantax. I choose to go on the anti-depressants. Though therapy helped, I could still didn't feel normal, I felt there was something missing. Also I was daily breaking down into a panic attack, crying, freaking out, etc. Decided it was time to go on meds.

I no longer have panic attacks, some depression sometimes. But other than that I feel normal again, whole, just plain ME!

Oh yeah one other thing i found out is that depression and anixety runs through my fathers side of the family.
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Originally Posted by HappyHendrix View Post
I was just wondering has anyone else been in it and has it helped with or without(preferably without) medication in your life?
I'm in counselling, and I see a psychiatrist and psychologist regularly, so yeah, I've been in therapy. It's worked for me, but then again I am on meds. Like someone else said, I think everyone should have a therapist.
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Go for it. I had counselling, started when I was 16, definately helpled. Obviously you will get on better with some counsellors than others.
Wow, I didn't realise how common anxiety is. I have anxiety and panic attacks. I am a qualified hypnotherapist, and can use hypnotherapy on myself, it really helps with my anxiety and panic attacks.
You should find a counsellor if you really want to, it will make you feel so much better to just get everything off your chest. In the meantime, you can talk to us on here, and can you talk to your boyfriend.
My fiance is really great with my anxiety, he knows how to use some techniques that I use in hypnotherapy / NLP to help.
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