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question about another kitten

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Hello. The Sunday after we adopted Squirt, we found a young white kitten outside of church. He's been vet checked, brought up to date on shots, and treated for ear mites and an eye infection. His name is Trinity.
Trinity is about 10 weeks old, and he has diarrhea. My vet put him on medication to get the diarrhea under control, and he still has diarrhea. He has no fever or any other symptoms, and was wormed over a week ago. The problem is he is a garbage disposal. He eats EVERYTHING that is edible...cat food, bird food, dog food, and tries to steal our food as well. We are trying to keep him out of the foods other than his, and nothing's working. Short of locking him up, I don't know what to do. I'm worried about his diarrhea and if we will ever get to go away when he is eating so many different foods. I believe the meds the vet gave him were for giardia...I would have to call to confirm that though. I know it was either giardia or coccidia, as a just in case. Forgive me, I normally remember the meds they are on, but I am dealing with Squirt (the windex kitten), Trinity, and a dog that wandered into our yard and my hubby decided to make him a permanent resident.

How do I convince Trinity to stop eating the dogs food and the bird food? He has actually chased the dogs (no small feat for a 10 week old kitten when the dogs are a great dane, a bullmastiff, a pit bull, and a pit bull mix) away from their food so that he could eat it. He has his food available at all times, and I don't think he's actually even hungry. He will eat at his bowl, then when walking by their bowl eat from theirs. I don't know if I'll ever be able to get the diarrhea to go away when he is eating such a variety of foods....any ideas?
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Yeah - he definatetly needs to quite eating the other pet's food, both as a possible solution to the current problem and to prevent further ones.

Ring the vet again to see if he thinks Trinity's diaherra should have shifted by now, and if so what he thinks sound be done about it.
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Unfortunately you are going to pick up all the foods and have feeding times, and whatever isn't eaten in a half hour or so, pick it up. I have a cat like this and he had diarrhea and was becoming obese. He was a rescue and I think they are reacting to their starvation days. You can't leave food out all the time until he realizes there will be more and doen't have to eat everything under the sun. Mine is just getting to normal and he's been here for almost 2 years. Also, his diarrhea was a result of food allergies. checked the stool, nothing. I feed him sensitive stomach food and he had a course of prednisone and no more diarrea .
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