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Funny Pic!

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This is Joplin our 9 week old baby boy!

he is a tiwood baby boy!
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How adorable is that?! Of course there's TCS on the monitor in the background.
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I know it's addicting!
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Joplin has excellent taste in web sites
What a cutie pie.
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What a cute kitty!
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Aww, what a little sweetie!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
What a cute kitty!
Thank you!
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woo! catching up on the threads is hard work! what a cutie-patootie!
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All that reading just put him to sleep! What an adorable kittie!
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Aww that's a great picture!
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That is too funny. My cat does the same thing. Except she does it while I'm actually typing or using the mouse. I'll have to post mine later.

Very cute kitty!
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Awwww the poor baby's so tired
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Originally Posted by HappyHendrix View Post
Thank you!
You're very welcome! Your kitten is adorable!!!
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awr tht is the sweetest thing!!

now why can't Tabitha do something as cute as that??
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