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good news for Gizmo

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(the icon even looks a little like her)

During the exam at the vet's today no abnormal heartbeat was discovered. I'm hoping that the new diet and the weight loss will mean that Gizzy's heart is stronger. She does have an abnormality that turned up on the echocardiogram but no other abnormalities show up in a standard exam. And she's romping around after her toys now that the weather is cooling down!
Now that's a nice fifth birthday present.
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Yeeeeeeesssss! Great news. So so good!~~

Five years is a nice age for a cat, isn't it? Happy Birthday Gizmo~
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I was told that Gizmo was down to the weight she was at when I got her. I think she bloated up on a high protein chicken diet since her food intake has not decreased or increased since I put her on 'rabbit food'.

The heart situation is much improved, I hope. I don't know if the weight loss had anything to do with this.

She's a sweet little cat and hugely enjoys the kitty palace I got her for her birthday. I would like to post a picture of her but am not sure how to do so. Trust me, she's way cute, and looks almost kittenlike now that she is enviably slim (unlike her owner).
Turns out both of us have to watch our health. At least it's nice to have company.
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Happy Birthday, Gizmo! I am glad to hear about the good health!
My cats could stand to lose a pound or a pound and a half, but it is so slow, and I am not as diligent as I could be.
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I just put her on a different food. I think most cat foods particularly dry have a lot of filler. This is why so many people recommend wet over dry food. When you have a girl like Gizmo who won't eat anything BUT dry it's important to find a good one for her. I tried an 'elimination diet' before the vet prescribed rabbit. It's sort of like an 'uptown mouse' for Gizmo since it is close to her natural prey of mice. Anyway, if you get a good quality food for your cats, they will almost certainly lose weight even if nothing else changes. Gizmo was always active on the chicken diet and still put on weight. She lost weight in summer even though the heat made her sluggish.
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