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This morning I was gazing out the window and saw what looked like giant bee flying about the floweres. Then I noticed it had feathers......lo and behold it was a humming bird! A real live humming bird drinking nectar from our flowers!
I've NEVER seen a humming bird aside from books or movies!
I thought they were native to Florida or something...not TX!
::sighs:: Anyways, just thought I shared that moment.
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Aren' they beautiful!!, my mom has a few flowers in her backyard that they come to everyday
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They are so awesome. I figured you'd had a pic in this thread. I'm sad that there isnt.
It just kind of made me want a hummingbird fix..
So here's to help all the others that come across this and expect a pic too.
I love these little buggers
Oh & I found this cute little one too.
Another one
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I didn't have my camera w/me so I couldn't get a shot.
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Originally Posted by XangelicxnekoX View Post
I didn't have my camera w/me so I couldn't get a shot.
Dont you HATE that?!
I know I do..There was a BEAUTIFUL rainbow the other day, that I just fell in love with, but I didnt have a camera. I think that everyone should just automatically get a digital cam for thier birthday. As a rule or something, and then have it attached to thier arm.
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Actually, we get them up here in Canada all the time (at least in the summer!). I put out feeders for them, and they love the wave petunias and other flowers in my garden.
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I love hummingbirds! I keep seeing these ones that are yellow and black, and they look like big bumblebees. I'm pretty sure they're some kind of hummingbird, because they drink nectar and all, they just look.. different. They're cute.
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I never saw one myself until I bought a hummingbird feeder at walmart and filled it and hung it out front.

They are TINY! and FAST!

Here one second, gone the next.
But so cute.
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