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Help On Feeding

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Ok, my cat had kittens but the mom is semi pushing them away my vet told me to hand feed them i bought the kitten formula, and the bottle came with it. when i try to feed the kitten, it meaos and pushes there toungue out. and backs away (doesnt want to be fed??)
The mom is feeding them but not that much that is why the vet told me to hand feed. WHAT DO I DO? i feel like i am all alone. the kitten is on its tummy and i have the bottle in its mouth but it pushes away. The kittens are 11 days old now.. is it too late to bottle feed?
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Hi, please visit www.kitten-rescue.com to see how to hand-feed the kittens. Do also keep putting them back with mumcat to see if she will accept them and let them nurse.
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