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Tapioca Pudding Obsession

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Tyran is obsessed with tapioca pudding. Whenever I get a cup of it out of the fridge, she sees it and comes running. She doesn't do this for any other food. The strange thing is, she's never had any, to my knowledge. I even offered her some once and she didn't take it. I don't know what it is.
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Ping does the same thing with with Bryers Vanilla Ice Cream. But he does it because I sat the bowl down one day and he tried some and the rest is history.
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They are responding to the promise of the container and not the actual contents. My girl loves to run up at the sound of a can opening, but she won't eat wet food. My guess is that her previous owners fed her tuna, which I needless to say don't do.
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It should be a good treat ... what is in it??? Tapioca is the only known starch to be allergy free in humans ( I learned and verified this via the vet)
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Once again, it is my grandmother's fault. I asked her if she'd fed Tyran any Tapioca pudding and she confessed. Tyran doesn't do it to any other kind of snack I eat, just tapioca. I think she can smell it and knows its tapioca. I gave her some today and she LOVES it. As long as it won't harm her, I won't worry about it.
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My RB kitty Tiger used to go nuts for yogurt. She wasn't allowed to have it of course, but she loved it! Now as far as tapioca, I tend to call it Tapiyucka! I guess it's the same as Tiger and her yogurt though!
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Sounds like Duke and Sibohan when I have one of those little yogurt containers. They are mental.
My parents dog is the same way with a "cool whip" whiped cream container. Its funny to watch
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Libby is like this but with the most boring thing ever.... glasses of water.

When I fill her water bowl up she doesn't bat an eyelash. If one of us has a glass of water however, she goes nuts... she wants it bad! I don't understand it. If it was something tasty, something she wasn't allowed, or if she rarely drank out of her water bowl and was thirsty i'd understand. She drinks out of there often though. It's very odd.

I even leave her her own glass of water out now, on my bedside table, and change it once a day. She loves it - and i'm happy because it means she's drinking more water!
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Abi loves the sound of bread being unwrapped. go figure
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I have one that goes crazy if she smells tomato sauce heating up. She'll sit in front of the oven and howl for an hour while lasagna is cooking.
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Originally Posted by mellanie View Post
I have one that goes crazy if she smells tomato sauce heating up. She'll sit in front of the oven and howl for an hour while lasagna is cooking.

Our last cat used to come running no matter where she was, when i'd reach for the can opener...never mind actually opening the can!

its like she knew

me x
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Remy can be anywhere in the house...but when i pop the lid on that wet cat food...he comes flying and cries till i put it down for him...
he likes ben and Jerry's ice cream...he licked my husband's bowl now we have to sneak to have ice cream..cats are fun
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Both of my cats like Special K with Red Berries cereal. I have to leave them some in the bowl when I'm done. Abby comes right up and cuddles with me while I eat to remind me that she's waiting. Chynna just sits there and stares watches my spoon as it goes from bowl to mouth, LOL

Another thing they both like is So Good Chocolate Soy Frozen Desert (It's like ice cream but made with soy). I know chocolate isn't good for pets in large quantities but once a week or two I give them a few licks and they're thrilled.

They also go nuts for the Chef Boyarde Ravioli Sauce.

Other than that they don't like people food. Chynna will drink the liquid from canned tuna and salmon but won't eat the fish. Abby just "buries" it after smelling it. They both prefer their W/D Feline dry food that I buy at the Vet's.
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Stoli goes bonkers over toast and butter. It is currently banned in our house. He also is nuts over cheezits.
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