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Eye Squinting & Tearing

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Our little kitten Anyanka is now 3 months old. We adopted her at 6 weeks with your typical shelter kitty URI. She's completely healthy now after a round of anitbiotics except for one thing. She's constantly squinting (well a lot anyway, but not ALL the time) her left eye. It will run or tear on occasion as well. The running is ever so slight and clear, much like I see on many of the Persian cats here on the site.

Ultimately, we're due back to the vet very soon for our second set of vaccines and spaying, so I was planning on mentioning it to the vet then. But I was curious to get the opinion of everyone here. Is this just a lingering URI symptom? Is she allergic to something? Just sensitive eyes? I'm a meowmy that worries WAY too much.
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My Loki get's that once in a while - I just gently wipe his eye with a wet paper towel which makes him feel better and eliminates the squinting. My Vet said it could be a a slight allergy / dust, etc.

To be on the safe side and as long as it clear discharge address it during your next vet visit - if the discharge gets cloudy or greenish I would go sooner.

Huggs to your sweet baby!
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I'll have to try a wet cloth. I know it always helped when she was really sick. Her eyes were so bad for a while that if I left a wet rag out she would rub her face on it by herself.

And don't worry. As soon as her eyes turn cloudy or the discharge is anything but clear we'll be right at the vet's office.
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