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1st day of Kindergarten

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My daughter Amber started kindergarten this morning. She did much better than I did. They had a "tea and tissues" thing in the cafeteria for the kindergarten moms. Here is a pic of her on her first day:

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Aww! She's adorable! The Tea and Tissues thing sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm sure she will do wonderful in school- and you have all the time in the world to help her navigate through her new experiences with school You will be just fine- it will get better once you get into a regular school routine with her
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She is adorable! She is going to be a heartbreaker once she starts to be interested in boys (you have plenty of time to worry about that later)
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Aww what a cutie!
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Yeah...I dont want that day to come.
I dread it.
But I like the Tea & Tissues thing..Whether or not my daughters school does that, I'm going to.
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What a cue little girl. It is hard to see them grow up sometimes.
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Ah I love the pictures I have of my kids on their first day of school.

She is a real cutie
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my room is on the kinder hall in our school...the music teacher is across the hall, & always has a box of tissues ready the first day of school when the parents come to drop off their kinders!
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I remember when my ex step-daughter started kindergarten, not even my child and I think I cried... hope she had a great first day of school!!
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I can relate...So know I work in his class as an Teachers Aid. I help and can spend half the day with him. and my daughter is on third and right next door so I can peek in on her. It helps...

Your Daughter looks so beautiful! I hope that she is liking school and you are doing better, or at least getting better.
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Aww what a cutie pie.....

I remember when my son started kindergarten. They had tea and tissues also...I am NOT looking forward to the day Deacon starts kindergarten that means both my babies have grown up
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Thanks everyone! Mom did a little better this morning. Amber had a wonderful first day and was so happy and told me all about it when she got home. She is so excited to be a "big kid" now.
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She's so cute! Now don't WORRY mom!!!!! The first few times you drop her off will be hard, but she'll meet lots of new friends and have a really good time during the school year.
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