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Family reunion gone bad....

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Kitty's Kitten Habusaki left to go live with my sister about 3 or 4 weeks ago and my sister came to visit today and she brought Habusaki. the first thing Kitty and Buddha did was growel and hiss at her. her and buddha keep getting into it and groweling and issing like they dont even know each other! they used to get along so good! what happened? is ther anything i can do to make them get along better because Habusaki is going to be staying with us for a little while.
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I've sent my girl away for a week for breeding and when she comes back the cats hiss and act like they don't know her, given time they come around. So multiply that times 3 or 4 and thats why they are not getting along. The new cat just smells funny now. They can't be expected to remember each other or care to be around each other anymore.
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she seems to like him but her hates her right now but they'll get along eventually?
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Given time perhaps. Is it Habusaki thats having a hard time or Buddha? If its Habusaki then its probably because he is stressed from traveling to a new home, even if its not permanent. He might just sort of remember but cats are creatures of habit and anything that breaks the habit can be stressful. If its Buddha that has the problem, well hes probably just being protective of his home. He would probably come around easier than if its the other way around.
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its Buddha that has the problem with Habusaki. they are doing a little better. they can walk arouind each other w/ out fighting. they have been wrestling every now and then but i cant tell if its playful or not.
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They now all have a new set of smells around them, and that's what they recognize each other by.
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Once a cat leaves the litter, its very rare for them to "recognize" each other after a few weeks or months. In your cat's minds, this is a strange cat that has strange smells - just like when you have a cat that comes home from the vet after a day or two - the resident cats won't recognize them and will hiss.

When you babysit the cat again, just keep in a separate room for a day and then let them together. Expect the hissing at first.
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ok thanks. it is better now. they still wrestle a little bit but they are getting along now and all hissing has stopped. thanks guys.
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