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It is days like this that I hate what I do

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One of my ferals has come up missing. We have had Trip for over 10 years and although she is completely feral, she has never strayed from the hay barn for more than a day. This will be day 5 that she has been gone, and I have combed the neighborhood calling to her to come home. I just have a sinking feeling in my stomach about her MIA. I just want her to come back home. I think she spooked during the hay delivery. There were about 6 guys in her barn and she took off.
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I hope she comes back soon.

One of our ferals -- a big black cat -- was missing for about 4 days. Then, on my way to work I saw a dead black cat about 3 blocks away from home. I was sooooo sad. But, then two days later, our feral showed up for breakfast! Maybe Trip is just out on a little trip of her own and will be back soon.

I'm sending my "bring Trip home" prayers your way.
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Hissy, That's such a worry. I hope Trip comes wandering home looking very guilty for having got you so upset! Prayers heading to the Northwest.
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Had a distressing talk with a neighbor about 4 farms down from us. She told me that about a week ago, she found Trip and this big old orange cat going at it. She sprayed them apart with the water hose and said my kitty took off with a limp. I have a feeling she is holed up somewhere pretty hurt and can only hope she will heal in time and find her way home. I have searched all the farms near us for her and called and called to no avail. All I can do is pray she comes home soon. She is microchipped and Monday I will call the vets and the shelters in the off chance that she was found injured and taken in for help.
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Trip came home this morning! She ate two cans of food and drank a ton of water. I scolded her for making me worry but then she curled up in the crook of my arm for a brief 10 minutes before vanishing back into the hay barn. She's home!!!!!!!!! TYJ!
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I am soooooo happy she's back!

Was she injured?
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Thank goodness! She deserved a good talking to! My mother loved cats, but by the time she was in her 40's she couldn't take the heartache when they died, and the time she and my dad spent searching the neighborhood and the woods behind our house calling "kitty, kitty," to make sure our cat was in for the night. So she babied mine when I got married. They are a terrible worry! It's like worrying about your teenager with a new driver's license!
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She is not injured that I can see, just very tired and hungry. She was gone almost a week! I just checked on her and she is curled up in the horse feeder on top of the hay. She seems just fine! TYJ!
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