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Is this actually okay? Advice needed

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yesterday I brought home a little foster kitten, Lilly, who is 6 weeks old. She is totally healthy spunky, playful.(some kids brought her to the shelter, they found her) She got a clean bill of health from the vet. We have a cat named Doodle, a 1 year old female, who has been trying desperately to play with our older cats so I thought she would like a kitten to play with, and get the kitten socialized as well. Well they took to each other immediately, playing insanely, you all know the game, it loooks like they are killing each other, but they like it. Then I noticed something really wierd: Doodle is acting like a mom, even tho she is spayed of course, grooming Lilly and Lilly would really like to nurse on her, but they arent doing that. What I did notice today, Doolde is stimulating her to pee! She has used her box very well, she is too old for that, is this behavior alright? I would hate to sepatate them, they seem to be happy. Every time I think I am an experienced foster, something new comes up!
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No don't seperate them, that is exactly what your older cat is doing, playing momma. Since the kitten was taken from it's mother way too young, it would normally still be nursing and 8-12 weeks is a vital time with mom to learn how to behave properly. That is great that your resident cat is taking on that role. She will teach the baby manners and everything. I am glad it is all working out.
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A little weird (has the older cat ever been a mom before?) But at 6 weeks that kitten is very much a kitten that shouldn't be separated from its natural mom and the behavior is typical.

We don't wean or introduce the litter box till kits are 5-6 weeks old and it takes awhile to get used to both.
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it sounds like they have found a great mutual bonding. dont seperate them.it is just so cute.dont worry.be happy!!!!!
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Thanks you guys, I really needed that advice. Doodle has never had kittens, but, she was with her mom till she was about 4 or 5 months old, they were a foster group I had last year. I guess Doodle just wanted a baby of her own! It is really hard on the kittens we get at the shelter that are so young and lost their moms, they are so needy. The kitten Lilly slept with me, but Doodle slept at the foot of the bed. That game they play is crazy, Lilly squeals and yells but runs back for more. My older cats are just ignoring all of this drama.
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This is wonderful. I'm so happy for both of them - and for you.
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thanks so much. By the way I like your black cat's name, Slayer.
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No worries- as previous posters said....that's completely normal . My siamese Jasmine always "adopts" the foster kittens i bring into the house as well. If anything, it's a good thing so long as all kittens have a clean bill of health before being introduced to resident kitties, which you mentioned it did
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I wish my other cat would even be a tiny bit friendly, in fact, she wont even come upstairs now that the foster kit is here. I think she is really jealous, or mad or both. Usually I have the fosters seperate but since it is just one tiny kitten, and she is healthy, I let her have the run of the house. Do they ever get used to new fosters?
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Stormy babies Sushi too. When Sushi is laying down Stormy will come up and start cleaning her all over. Sushi tolerates it for a while and than it clicks she's a big kitty doesn't need a mommy. I won't stop Stormy from doing this because I know she has motherly instincts that she wants to use.

Cuddles and Sushi gets a long just fine. They play and are always chasing each other around and even up the cat tree. They are buddies.

Mystical ignores Sushi, infact she ignores all the cats. She's just mean if one comes near her and she isn't in the mood to play. I have come to accept this attitude of hers. This is how she is and will always be.

So enjoy your cats and what they are doing for the little guy, and take all the pictures you can take.
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Yes, they get used to them...sometimes they tolerate them, sometimes they dislike them, and sometimes they love them....each cat's reactions are different They should all do just fine .
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